Easter Eggs

After we got back from our trip, we got busy getting ready for Easter!  Here we are dyeing eggs:

 photo 20170416_000534438_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000940581_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000942614_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000947047_iOS.jpg  photo e03e567b-1c66-4864-b404-cfc5931dc6ac.jpg

The finished products!

  photo 20170416_002722858_iOS.jpg

And her are the kids’ baskets ready for the morning.  Many thanks to my mom and mom-in-law for showering the kids with so many fun gifts!   

 photo a1baa6d4-00dd-470a-870e-be0d7bdb33d8.jpg

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