Easter Morning

The kids all loved their Easter baskets:

 photo 20170416_110122546_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110212949_iOS.jpg

Danny especially loved the stuffed animal from Grammie – he was smitten!

  photo 20170416_110219855_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110219054_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110224625_iOS.jpg

I loved watching them enjoy their new bubbles:

  photo 20170416_113317353_iOS.jpg   photo 20170416_113335687_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113341425_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113352366_iOS.jpg photo 20170416_113854981_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113741494_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113816553_iOS.jpg

More pictures to come!

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