Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, I’m thankful for planes that brought me to and from California, for an amazingly supportive husband and mother-in-law that watched the big kids so I could take Baby T to see my parents and grandmother, for my mom who gave me life and who continually gives me unswerving love and support, for my grandma in California who always fills my heart with joy and encouragement when we talk, for my grandmother in Washington who inspires me with her attitude and resilience, for my mother-in-law who gives of her time and love so selflessly, for a son who brought me breakfast in bed today, for daughters who organized painting me beautiful pictures and getting them framed, for all the kids who greeted me with sleepy grins and hugs when I came home from the airport in the middle of the night, for Baby T’s mother who gave her life and gave us her blessing to raise her, and for the Lord who has used motherhood to teach me again and again about His tender love and care and forgiveness and grace.

Here are some pictures from our Mother’s Day evening walk and dinner.  I’m so thankful for my family, near and far!

 photo 20170514_212549123_iOS.jpg  photo 8254c609-efd4-4744-a77d-328aa843e162.jpg  photo 20170514_215053835_iOS.jpg  photo 20170514_224933696_iOS.jpg

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  • Linda Cole

    Emily, what a beautiful tribute. Everyone who knows you is awed by your amazingly wonderful mothering skills. We are all rising up to called you Blessed.

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