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The birthdays in our family are clustered such that we have three birthdays within two weeks in April, and then four birthdays in just over a month in July/August.  So it makes sense for us to do mostly combined birthday parties around here, and I think the kids have a wonderful time feeling celebrated and picking out their themes!  This year, Jimmy chose a baseball party, and then I added a few girly touches for Baby T’s first birthday: photo 20170429_200528708_iOS.jpg

The girls even made Jimmy is very own baseball banner:

  photo 20170429_200620475_iOS.jpg  photo 20170429_200625679_iOS.jpg

For food, we did pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, chips, candy, and also enjoyed our friends’ most amazing fruit/veggie platter ever (you know, to balance out the wonderful junk food!):


  photo 20170429_221459401_iOS.jpg  photo 20170429_221504004_iOS.jpg photo 20170429_234926536_iOS.jpg

Baby T finished off her whole piece of cake no problem – she was tentative at first, just licking the icing off her dainty fingers, but then she realized that sugar is good!

 photo 9ce6d9fb-859f-4ba1-a33f-83daf107a1a5.jpg

The birthday kids got lots of fun gifts from our very generous friends and family, including these awesome costumes and a castle tent:

  photo 20170429_232814608_iOS.jpg  photo 20170429_232817750_iOS.jpg photo 20170429_232941972_iOS.jpg  photo 20170429_234414871_iOS.jpg   photo 43b9bc68-483b-4142-a49d-ed763515e355.jpg

It was so much fun to celebrate our wonderful kids with such wonderful friends!

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