Baby T is ONE!

(Another late post!)

What a whirlwind of a year – I can’t believe Baby T is already one year old!  She continues to be a social butterfly, charming everyone from the grocery store cashier to the flight attendant to the kids at the park.  Her megawatt smile brings sunshine to our every day.  She’s sleeping well at night – generally going from 7pm to 7 am with only the occasional wake-up and taking an hour-long morning nap and about a 1.5-2 hour afternoon nap.  She still loves her bottle, and eats finger food exceptionally well.  She loves all fruit, many vegetables like peas and broccoli, and crackers and goldfish.  She loves peek-a-boo, chasing kids and being chased, being outside, and mimicking sounds.  She is hitting all her developmental milestones: she started walking at around 11 months, saying a few words around 12 months, and now she’s running and chattering like crazy!  Now, at 13 months, she can say: Daddy, Mama, uh oh, bye bye, night night, more, and (my personal favorite) thank you.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard her tiny little voice exclaim, “Thank you!” 

Well, it’s Baby T who deserves the thanks.  Baby T, thank you for lighting up our lives with your amazing laughter, cuddles, smiles, adoration, and just general awesomeness.  You make us proud to be your family!!  

 photo 3dbb44e7-4a36-4067-93b2-11c99fe0871f.jpg

(All the kids absolutely swoon over Baby T, but Danny is especially protective and proud of his little sister.  They are too cute together!)

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  • Linda Cole

    We Love you so vwey much, Baby T ! ( Wonder if we’ll be calling you this when you are 12 ?!)

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