Walk and Play

A few weekends ago, we made our first trip of the year to the bike trail near my in-laws’ house.  It’s one of my favorite places to be, and it did not disappoint!  The big kids, along with Jim and my mother-in-law, rode bikes, and my father-in-law kept Baby T and I company as we walked (I’ll henceforth refer to Baby T as “Tazie” on the blog since that’s the nickname we call her at home, and we’ve decided it’s still different enough from her given name to be anonymous.  She just doesn’t feel like a “baby” anymore!).  So here’s Pappy and his tiny buddy, Tazie:

 photo 20170528_214425800_iOS.jpg  photo 20170528_220634009_iOS.jpg

Danny showing off his new bike – with a kick stand, no less!:

  photo 20170528_222044191_iOS.jpg

After we finished on the trail, we headed to a nearby restaurant with an adjacent park.  Why doesn’t every restaurant have a park attached to it?  It makes waiting for food SO much more fun!  photo 20170528_225252043_iOS.jpg

I think Danny is copying his Pappy’s driving technique here:

   photo 20170528_225317264_iOS.jpg 

 photo 741d947f-f20f-4363-ae67-9f4111c328d8.jpg photo 51f8ec77-55f5-4fa5-b07b-7e2fba3b9c5a.jpg

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