Ocean City Pics 2

We started out the next day with a stroll and a basketball game.  I love how the big kids let our little ones get involved!

 photo 20170619_002535000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_145619010_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_150339454_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_152446000_iOS.jpg

Our competitive guys decided to take their game to the nearby shuffleboard court.  Jimmy brought his A game and kept up with the men!  Tazie was an enthusiastic cheerleader. 🙂

  photo 20170619_154519429_iOS.jpg   photo 20170619_171218782_iOS.jpg

Then we hit the beach!  The kids never get tired of burying each other!

 photo 20170619_171218782_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_173402079_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_173719868_iOS.jpg   photo 20170619_173749990_iOS.jpg photo 20170619_173743618_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_174029754_iOS.jpg

Then we swapped the salt and sand for some good old fashioned chlorine!  Jimmy enjoyed the hot tub!

  photo 20170619_185428000_iOS.jpg

Oh, we love our family!

   photo 20170619_220032738_iOS.jpg photo c9208b75-fe03-4494-ac15-ba221b123bdc.jpg

The rain was coming, so we hit the laser maze!

   photo 20170619_221510003_iOS.jpg photo 20170619_221109190_iOS.jpg

We made it home just before the rain hit!

  photo 20170619_223334016_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_224327000_iOS.jpg

We holed up in the condo and watched a movie – the big guys liked it just as much as the kids!

  photo 20170619_235135209_iOS.jpg

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