Ocean City Pics 3

We started off the next day with another fun bike ride:

 photo 20170620_131112750_iOS.jpg

And some deck lounging:

  photo 20170620_142752599_iOS.jpg

Followed by a great trip to the waterpark directly on the boardwalk:


 photo 20170620_171835512_iOS.jpg photo 20170620_180238222_iOS.jpg

Tazie wasn’t very sure about the water…she spent most of our time there frantically trying to climb up my legs, but eventually she did figure out that the water was pretty fun.  Especially once the big kids came back to the splash pad and showed her all the cool stuff there!

  photo 20170620_175247650_iOS.jpg   photo 20170620_181117669_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_181534767_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_183143728_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_184042204_iOS.jpg

We spent a little time at the beach, even though it was a bit cold for Becky’s taste:

  photo 20170620_202402903_iOS.jpg

Although Susie and Katie didn’t mind!  They hit the waves like pros:

  photo 20170620_202517847_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_202608078_iOS.jpg

Then we all refueled at our favorite nightly Greek restaurant:

  photo 20170620_222138046_iOS.jpg

And finished the night off with the rides!  Becky made her second (or third?) trip of the week to the Double Shot:

  photo 20170620_233252198_iOS.jpg

Although Susie isn’t an amusement park daredevil like her sister, she still enjoys herself!

  photo 20170620_234307028_iOS.jpg

Even Danny tried out the swings, as long as his Daddy was close by:


 photo 20170620_234357994_iOS.jpg

Jimmy cracks me up!

  photo 20170620_234404965_iOS.jpg

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