Ocean City Pics 4

The next day, Pappy took the boys for a special breakfast (he took the girls a different day):

 photo 20170621_125154229_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_125123634_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_145039421_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_145053452_iOS.jpg

It was a picture-perfect day!

   photo 20170621_200949788_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_171300835_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_160352261_iOS.jpg

Nothing like washing the beach off you with a dip in the hot tub:

  photo 20170621_201112322_iOS.jpg

Then we got gussied up for picture night!

 photo 20170621_232943525_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_232936286_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_232919276_iOS.jpg

But first, we had to do some go-karting:

  photo 20170621_224206277_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_225357572_iOS.jpg

Family pictures!  Don’t they clean up well?!

 photo ede144d8-88e3-4743-ba92-9488d52de476.jpg photo d68a1141-6abc-4529-8b35-7bb77106fd69.jpg photo 20170621_231930446_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_232045250_iOS.jpg

The kids won fidget spinners at a fun shooting game:

   photo 20170621_000931456_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_001721043_iOS.jpg

My favorite boardwalk dessert – waffles and ice cream at Prep’s!:

 photo 20170621_002928366_iOS.jpg

Beautiful evening:

 photo 20170621_004615411_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_004536301_iOS.jpg photo 20170621_005443070_iOS.jpg

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