Ocean City Pics 5

Morning donut run!

 photo 20170622_132017112_iOS.jpg photo 20170622_215202053_iOS.jpg

Beach with dear friends who drove over to join us for the day:

  photo 20170622_183429090_iOS.jpg photo 20170622_182227629_iOS.jpg

“Peace” Ball:

  photo 20170622_182312185_iOS.jpg

The day ended with a brief storm – we were happy to take shelter in the arcade!

    photo 20170622_002517077_iOS.jpg  photo 20170622_002233053_iOS.jpg  photo 20170622_001506645_iOS.jpg  photo 20170622_000950927_iOS.jpg  photo 20170622_000831248_iOS.jpg  photo 20170622_000201410_iOS.jpg  photo 20170621_235853007_iOS.jpg

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