Boston Pics 1

Once we got back from the Jersey shore, we hit the ground running and packed back up for a quick trip to Boston to see Jim’s brother-in-law’s old stomping grounds.  We stayed at a hotel, which was the first time in a while our kids have done so, and boy, they would have been thrilled with an entire vacation just spent in the hotel!  We even made an entire meal whipped up from the nearby convenience store’s microwavable food section, and the kids thought they hit the jackpot.  And then came the continental breakfast the next morning!  Susie was so pleased with the experience that she left the following note in our hotel room.  She’s such a cutie!

 photo 20170626_021745628_iOS.jpg  photo 20170626_124757596_iOS.jpg

We tore ourselves away from the hotel and drove into downtown Boston to visit Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox.  My sister-in-law treated us all to a tour of the stadium, and we ALL loved it.  I’m not even a huge baseball fan, and I thought it was fascinating!  Jimmy, my baseball AND history aficionado, was especially ecstatic. 

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