New Friends and Old Places

Our dear friends recently adopted their son, and so the kids and I eagerly came over to say hello to their darling boy and hang out for a bit!



After letting the kids run around for a while, we took them over to the Nathan Hale House to get a dose of learning in before school started the next week.  Jimmy had received an awesome graphic novel about Nathan Hale for his birthday in the Spring, and so he was quite the Nathan Hale expert!  He answered every question the tour guide threw our way!  It was a VERY informative and enjoyable tour, and the kids did a great job.  I’m so glad we got to see such a great place with such great friends!

IMG_9111 IMG_9112 IMG_8834 IMG_8843 IMG_8847 IMG_8852

The gift shop was amazing, and Susie and Jimmy bought quill pens and ink bottles, and have LOVED getting to practice writing like the olden days.  It’s so cute!IMG_8862 IMG_8865

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