Nine-Year-Old Becky

OK, so I’m a little (a lot!) behind on my “birthday” posts for my three kiddos with summer birthdays.  But better late than never!  Here goes!  First up, Becky!

Becky, I have seen such growth in you this last year.  Not only physical (you’re so tall!), but emotionally as well – you continue to display more and more wisdom and kindness and service to others.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that you are an indispensable help with Tazie.  You are my best cleaner when I ask you to take care of a room, and you even volunteer to organize drawers for me (for a modest fee!) or write up a schedule for the afternoon, which I love!  Your artistic abilities still blow me away, especially because you always make your creations from your mind’s eye, never needing to rely on a visual image.  And because your imagination is so fantastic, your drawings are equally inventive.  You still love to read (which makes me so happy), especially fantasy books, and my favorite part of the day is sitting at night reading stories to you and your siblings while you color quietly or create free-hand Lego structures.  And even though you say you don’t love school, you plow through diligently, and I think you’re finding more joy in your days.  Your fourth grade teacher seems really enthusiastic and creative, so she should be a perfect match for you, just like your third grade teacher was AMAZING and really helped you to have a great day every day (even if you said the day was only “okay”, lol!).  I love how you are meeting every challenge head-on like an adult, but you still maintain your childlike innocence and eagerness.  I love you, Becky!!


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