Nine-Year-Old Susie

Susie, you are now nine going on nineteen!  You continue to be such a delight to be around.  You love life and everyone in it, and you inspire others to do the same!  You are a dreamer and come up with amazing inventions and plans, and you love to figure out how to make those dreams a reality (for example, in the past few weeks, you helped all the kids set up “businesses” around the guest room, complete with name tags, hours of operations, fee schedules and everything! And you also dreamed up a tree house and set Jimmy to work with hammers and nails, and even though you two didn’t get very far, you had a blast trying!).  You are an amazing optimist, always seeing the silver lining, and helping me to as well.   You are a reader extraordinare, devouring books in record time and happily staying in your room or a cozy chair for hours as you read any and every book you can get your hands on.  You are very excited to grow up and do grown-up things, and are always adjusting your preferred career choices based on your interests of the moment.  I always love to hear what you want to be next!  Right now, it’s an entrepreneur, and I believe you’d make a great one!  You want to participate in every aspect of the school community, in every possible sport and club, and I love your enthusiasm, as well as your mature handling of the disappointments when we have to limit you to only a few select opportunities.  I know you’ll make the most of every chance you’re given.  I love you, Susie!!


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