Sneaky Snack

The other morning, I set Tazie in the basement playroom and put up the gate so she couldn’t climb the stairs after me.  Normally, she would not be happy about this arrangement, but that morning, she didn’t make a sound as I walked up the stairs.  After a few minutes of still not hearing her fuss, I was surprised she was still so quiet and so I tip-toed down to spy on what she was doing.  That silly girl had gone straight to the snack cupboard (I didn’t think she knew it was there!), pulled out a box of Nutella snacks, opened one of the snack packs, and started dipping the breadsticks in the chocolate as happily as could be.  When I walked into the playroom, she looked up and grin broadly, as if to say, “Look at this AWESOME way I’m entertaining myself!!!”


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