Halloween Pics

We had a lovely Halloween with relatively warm temperatures!  Becky had picked her costume not only because she loves Panda Bears, but because she did NOT want to be as freezing as she was in previous years.  She was very comfortable this year!  Susie was a colonial girl, Jimmy was a revolutionary war soldier, Danny was a transformer (Optimus Prime, I think?), and Tazie was a tiger (or more specifically, half a tiger, because I couldn’t find the bottoms to the hand-me-down tiger suit!).  We went to our usual trick-or-treating spot, met by Jim and my in-laws, and we all had a blast.  We started earlier this year, and we loved getting to walk around in the daylight and appreciate the others’ cool costumes.  Tazie definitely got the hang of trick-or-treating, and was walking up to the houses like a pro!

fullsizeoutput_d3a IMG_9895 IMG_9896 IMG_9904 IMG_9909 IMG_9917 IMG_9921 IMG_9923

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