Staying Warm

2018 has started off with a very cold streak for us here in New England, with frigid temperatures for the last week or so.  But the kids are happy to sit inside, enjoying their new toys and books!

Earlier in December, when we had our first snow, it was warmer and the kids got to spend time outside enjoying the white stuff (instead of freezing our noses off like we’re doing now!).   Tazie wasn’t so thrilled with the cold, but she enjoyed watching the big kids on the snowmobile.

Shortly thereafter, our family started passing around a 24-hour stomach bug.  It wasn’t too bad, and Tazie was happy she had more company at home.  Here she is trying to console Danny:

Tazie’s positive attitude about the upsides of illness went away once she personally came down with the bug, however.  The poor thing was pretty miserable for a day.  She’s been so healthy her whole life, she didn’t know what was going on with her little body!  She also didn’t know what to do with the bucket I handed her when she wasn’t feeling well:

Fortunately, we’re starting off the new year healthy and happy, if very cold!

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