I realized that I haven’t done many “Quotes” posts recently, and I have practically a year’s worth to relate!  The frequency of those side-splitting observations and quips have decreased as the kids have gotten older and more mature, but they do slip in there from time to time.  Here are a bunch of my favorites!

Becky: Is “Shania Twain” Mark Twain’s sister?


Danny said to me, “I locked the (car) door.”  Then he paused thoughtfully and continued, “…But I want bad guys to steal my booster seat…because I don’t like my booster seat.”


I came across a “Declaration” the girls had drafted in which they declare that they deserve a pet.  I had told the girls that it was possible that if they kept their room very clean for a month, that maybe we could get a hamster or guinea pig or something like that (emphasis on the maybe).

After reading their letter, I asked, “Soo…did you keep your room clean for a month?”

Susie quickly shot back, “What?? The founding fathers didn’t have to do that to get America!”


One night, I heard talking in the girls’ room well after they were supposed to be asleep (which is not unusual around here – one of the hazards of best friends sharing a room!).  I went in and told them it was time to be quiet.  I was shutting the door when Becky called out what had apparently been the topic of their discussion: “Mom, if you spell APPLE backwards, is the E silent?”


Becky, trying to educate Jimmy about historical aspects of Boston: “You know, that’s where they had the Boston mascara!!”


Susie: “Who wants to trade (Kindles)?”
Danny: “Me! Me! Me!”
(Susie hands hers to Danny and waits)
Susie: “Where’s mine?”
Danny: “Oh I didn’t have one!”
Susie: “What?!?!”
Me: “Dan, you can’t trade if you don’t have something to give her.”
Dan, settling down with Susie’s kindle: “Oh I didn’t know that…well…I kinda did.”

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