Jimmy: “Mom, why do I know a lot about everything?”
Me: “You pay attention to lots of stuff.”
Jimmy: “No I don’t pay attention, I just know.”


Danny, curled up on floor covered with blanket: “I’m in sleep mode.”


I asked Danny at mealtime, “What kind of car do you want to drive when you grow up?” He answered, “I won’t have a car.” I was surprised and asked him how he was going to get to the store if he needed something. He matter-of-factly said, “If nobody will marry me, then you can go get my groceries for me.”


Danny: “Me and Tazie are twins. We both like to play and we don’t like to take naps.”
Becky: “God’s job is awesome!”
Me: “Why?”
Becky: “God gets to design people, and he designed Taz great!!”
Me: “You’ve got great eyesight.  Must be all the carrots you eat.”
Danny: “No, it’s all the hamburger.”

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