I grew up in the California Bay Area, studied English and Psychology at college in Washington State, fell in love with Jim and followed him to Connecticut, where we were married and I received a Master’s in Social Work, and now live happily as a stay-at-home mom and wife.  My travels have taken me through multiple states, and now I’m living in a state of multiples!  I’m thrilled to have this forum to proclaim my love for God and my family, and to revive my love of writing.  I remember my English professors exhorting us students to write daily, write anything, just write.  And now, several states, one husband and two children later, I am finally doing that.  Just writing.  I’m honored that anyone takes the time to read my work, but I know the real reason you’re perusing this site – for the baby pictures!  That’s fine by me.  I think my kids are far more fascinating than any words I can string together.  I hope that one day my kids will be able to look back at this site and know how intensely, how profoundly, they are loved.  They are, truly, my faith and joy.