Danny, suggesting his own discipline for his brother’s recent misbehavior: “You could leave him home.”

Me: “I can’t leave Jimmy home alone.”

Danny: “Yeah you can.”

Me: “No I can’t, who would watch him?”

Danny: “God can watch him.”


Susie brought a purse along with her the other day when we were out running errands.  I overheard her describing the purse’s contents to her siblings, including the following: “And here’s an emergency bracelet in case we run into a fashion show.”


Jimmy, after he quickly mastered standing on a paddleboard: “I’m the most balanced person in this family.”


As Susie and I were sitting in the house together, Susie suddenly exclaimed: “Nancy!”

Me, confused: “What??”

Susie, pointing to a nearby insect: “Nancy, the fly!”

Me: “You named it?”

Susie: “Well we can’t get a dog.”


After Jimmy asked me a question, I replied: “Your guess is as good as mine.”

Jimmy: “I think better than yours.”


Jimmy must have overheard my oft-repeated phrase that our family buys EVERYTHING at Costco, because as we were walking the aisles of Costco, he remarked: “You should get your tombstone here!”

Feet in the Air

There’s just something about a grassy field that invites somersaults…

 photo 20160715_144727535_iOS.jpg

Funny Kid

I found this note sitting around.  I guess Becky is a little conflicted about environmentalism!

 photo 20160713_042147210_iOS.jpg

Good Times

Well I think I’m finally to the end of the pictures documenting our amazing summer with the cousins!  I’m so thankful that Jon, Kate and Alli were able to spend so much time here (and then took the girls back to AZ for a fun-filled week there!).  Our kids are so blessed to have such great cousins!  Here are a few of the highlights:

Bike riding along the rail trail and playing at a park afterward:

 photo 20160626_212323931_iOS.jpg  photo 20160626_225814563_iOS.jpg

Swinging on Bubba and Pappy’s porch (with sweet treats as an added bonus!):

  photo 20160626_233825094_iOS.jpg

Keeping Baby T entertained:

  photo 20160628_192848475_iOS.jpg

Trip to the mall food court:

  photo 20160628_214241585_iOS.jpg

An abundance of pool time:

  photo 20160629_181128728_iOS.jpg  photo 20160629_181138656_iOS.jpg

A gorgeous sunset driving home from the grandparents’ house, followed by a magical evening of catching fireflies:

 photo 20160704_005039292_iOS.jpg  photo 20160704_012734806_iOS.jpg  photo 20160704_012719808_iOS.jpg

Finding a new park and ice cream place:

  photo 20160705_184116401_iOS.jpg photo 20160705_201050734_iOS.jpg  photo 20160705_201044463_iOS.jpg

Exploring a trampoline park:

   photo 20160705_174116002_iOS.jpg  photo 20160705_173651356_iOS.jpg

Getting personal science lessons from the resident expert (this time they learned about static electricity!):

  photo 20160706_213659117_iOS.jpg  photo 20160706_215353729_iOS.jpg  photo 20160706_215420487_iOS.jpg  photo 20160706_215818820_iOS.jpg

More sweets!

  photo 20160707_003130117_iOS.jpg photo 20160712_231129643_iOS.jpg photo 20160628_021155000_iOS.jpg

Lots of slumber parties:

 photo 20160707_170028347_iOS.jpg

And swimming at the falls:

    photo 20160712_182404776_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_183103942_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_183217262_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_183242146_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_191720991_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_192056759_iOS.jpg 

Thank you, cousins, for the memories!

More Camping Photos

After posting the pictures of our camping trip, I realized I had forgotten to include these gems that Alli took.  She’s so talented!

 photo 20160712_031039000_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_031048000_iOS.jpg photo 20160712_031109000_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_031041000_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_031057000_iOS.jpg  photo 20160712_031050000_iOS.jpg

Mystic Village

After we finished our camping at the Connecticut shore, we ventured over to Mystic Village where we shopped to our hearts’ content.  There was something for everyone there!

  photo 20160711_163029189_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_164043729_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_164103927_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_164959346_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_173846387_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_173857307_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_174038994_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_174223504_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_182952119_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_185946005_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_190558850_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_190607589_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_191038240_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_191046880_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_192823934_iOS.jpg

Cousin Boating is the Best

 photo 20160625_200042442_iOS.jpg  photo 20160625_211213007_iOS.jpg  photo 20160625_224426436_iOS.jpg  photo 20160625_224613676_iOS_1.jpg  photo 20160625_225358072_iOS.jpg

 photo 20160705_212245000_iOS.jpg  photo 20160705_212254000_iOS_1.jpg

Camping at the Shore

We loved taking the RV to the Connecticut shore last month.  From the park to the ladder golf to the ice cream truck to the s’mores to the bike rides to the beach, it was a wonderful overnight trip!  Many thanks to Alli for taking the gorgeous sunset beach photos!

 photo 20160710_211121967_iOS.jpg   photo 20160710_213312124_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_213454206_iOS.jpg photo 20160710_221555543_iOS.jpg photo 20160710_225446550_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_231715962_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_231725504_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_232618102_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_235822055_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_000116790_iOS_1.jpg  photo 20160711_000816553_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_001429511_iOS.jpg   photo 20160711_004322214_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_005105780_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_114903480_iOS.jpg  photo 20160711_114920568_iOS.jpg

Family Boating and Funnel Cake

The day after our New York City adventure, we had a fun time boating with Amy and Megan.  And we finished off the day with homemade funnel cakes, courtesy of Amy and my father-in-law, and a game of "Heads Up"!  What a fantastic day!

 photo 20160709_181702946_iOS.jpg  photo 20160709_182404997_iOS.jpg  photo 20160709_184233048_iOS.jpg  photo 20160709_193828188_iOS.jpg  photo 20160709_193921339_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_000422452_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_000445682_iOS.jpg  photo 20160710_004409253_iOS.jpg

New York City

We took our second-annual New York City summer excursion with Jim’s cousin Amy and her daughter Megan (here’s the post from last year’s visit).  We were thankful to have all hands on deck bringing the kids into the city! (We left baby T with a sitter – I wasn’t sure how to manage a stroller on the subway!).  We had a wonderful time, traipsing all over the city even in the 90 degree heat!  We took the train into Grand Central Station and then the subway down to the ferry, which we took to Governor’s Island.  None of us had been there before, but it was the perfect place to let the kids run and enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline from the water.  There was a historical exhibit with a old fortress – my little military history buff (Jimmy) was in his glory!  We can’t wait to go back and explore more!

  photo 20160708_135127882_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_135133487_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_161503853_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_164907043_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_164934274_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_170217442_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_170619311_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_171422092_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_172104433_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_183623667_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_182208423_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_183658219_iOS.jpg

After the island, we took the subway back to Times Square and walked over to Rockefeller Center where we visited the American Girl store and the Nintendo Store.  There was something for everyone!  I’m so glad we all got to experience a New York City adventure together!

 photo 20160708_202120951_iOS.jpg  photo 20160708_205059603_iOS.jpg