Wash Time

We took the kids (and the car) to a self-serve wash last weekend.  They thought it was awesome!  We can’t wait until we can have a fully kid-serve car wash at our house! 😉

IMG_9661 IMG_9659

Sneak Peek

I found this note the other day, and laughed out loud when I read it.  Apparently Becky was taking notes on everything that Susie and Jimmy were doing for a few minutes (both she and Susie think it would be fun to be a journalist, and they like “investigating” various incidents around the house).  It’s a bit of a peek into our crazy home – I love it!



Fall Party

Our family was delighted to be invited to our friends’ Fall Party last weekend.  The weather was warm and bright, and we had so much fun playing games, carving pumpkins, and hanging out by the bonfire.  Such a fun evening!

IMG_9595     IMG_9623

The kids had too much fun with a friend’s costume wig!

IMG_9619 IMG_9618 fullsizeoutput_bfe    IMG_9604 IMG_9602







October Pool Days

Hard to believe we’re swimming in mid-October!!  It was so wonderful to sit outside and watch my family enjoy the water and also take in the gorgeous leaves.  This is my kind of fall!

IMG_9651 IMG_9641

A Celebration of Sequins

My girls are generally positive, enthusiastic kids (with the exception I noted before, of Becky insisting she doesn’t like school, even though all signs point to her truly enjoying it and thriving there!).  At any rate, it’s not that unusual for them to get excited about things.  However, we were at a store at the mall the other day and the girls were OVER THE TOP excited.  The moment we stepped into the door of the tween-clothing store Justice, the girls were BONKERS with joy.  There were actual squeals of excitement over each and every item featuring unicorns and/or sequins.  Becky danced around, breathed in deeply, and exclaimed, “This store expresses my FEELINGS!!!!”  Clearly, Justice has done its market research, and my girls are very much in their target population!

So grandparents take note, I think most anything from this store (including the sparkly unicorn hooded blanket featured in the picture below) would be a slam-dunk for a Christmas gift this year, lol! 😉 .


Proud Pupil

Every since Becky had a rough second-grade year (due to a pretty grouchy teacher), she’s had a bit of a negative attitude about school.  Thankfully, she had a really sweet teacher last year, and even though she always SAID she didn’t like school, I know she loved her teacher.

I had been holding my breath to see how she liked her fourth-grade teacher, and I think I can finally breathe easily now!  Her teacher, Ms. B, is very young and very enthusiastic, and Becky has really taken to her.  The other day, Becky brought home this note, and I can’t remember a time when she looked SO incredibly proud!


Day Off

We spent a fun day Columbus day off of school with some friends!  We went to a pumpkin patch (not a real farm, just one outside a store, which is all I figured I could manage with my five kids plus two extra!).  The kids all got gorgeous pumpkins.  Jimmy carved his entirely on his own when we got home.  I was so impressed!

IMG_9529 IMG_9534

I treated the kids to McDonalds, which we were all very excited about 🙂IMG_9539

And later that day, the kids taught Tazie how to do “ring-around-the-rosie.”  She was a natural!  IMG_9547

Their game reminded me of the girls playing it when they were young.  Here’s a link to videos of the girls when they were two and when they were three.  So cute!

Picnic Party

Our church assembly held a Sunday School picnic last weekend, and we had a wonderful time seeing the kids enjoy themselves with great food, an amazing message, and fun games and crafts.  It was a gorgeously warm, sunny day, and the new spot we used was beautiful.  It couldn’t have gone better!

My kids were very excited that their dad told them that the “picnic rules” included unlimited sodas and junk food – and they lived it up!!  It was so cute!


For those of us with a bit more refined palate, we were treated to this stunning homemade red velvet cake by my friend Barbara.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!IMG_9503

We did some fun games, including a pop-the-balloon game:IMG_9511 IMG_9510

A bowling for food game:IMG_9505

A make-your-own snowglobe craft:


A few rousing games of tug-of-war (SO fun to watch!):IMG_9516 IMG_9518 IMG_9517 IMG_9521

And a pass-the-ball-of-candy game:IMG_9522 IMG_9523 IMG_9525

We were so thankful that in between all the sugar and games, the kids were treated to a clear Gospel message that reminded them that because of the Bible’s veracity, we can know with 100% certainty that the Lord Jesus died for our sins and we can rest in His work on the cross to take us to Heaven – we don’t need to be fooled by our changing emotions or fallible senses; we can trust in the unchanging promises of God.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Broom Fun

What do you get when you add a warm fall night, some brooms, and some crazy kids?

Well, around here you get a few ninja warriors, a fencing knight in shining armor, and some horseback riders!  But alas, no housekeepers to put those brooms to their proper use! 😉

IMG_9490 IMG_9494 IMG_9499

Dynamic Duo

I can’t begin to describe how close these two kiddos are.  They are so blessed to have each other!