Grammie’s Visit

We had a wonderfully busy November, beginning with a visit from our beloved Grammie!  The kids were overjoyed to read all sorts of books, do all sorts of crafts, and even do all sorts of shopping with her!  Her visit was far too short – come back soon, Grammie!!

 photo 20161108_010840992_iOS.jpg  photo 20161108_011049274_iOS.jpg   photo 20161108_144751235_iOS.jpg photo 20161108_144708537_iOS.jpg  photo 20161111_000848505_iOS.jpg  photo 20161111_160537785_iOS.jpg  photo 20161111_214830654_iOS.jpg photo 20161111_224504067_iOS.jpg  photo 20161113_015447921_iOS.jpg


Danny was coloring a picture of a pumpkin for a school project.  I told him he was doing a good job, but he insisted his homework was very hard.  He (randomly!) explained, “This is way harder.  Harder than cleaning up a garden.” 


Danny had me write a to-do list for him.  Here is his list verbatim:

1) Make a big toot

2) Ride motorcycles

3) Clean the basement

4) Poop in the toilet

5) Ride motorcycles again


Susie was happily performing her chore for the day – dusting – when she announced, “Hey!  This is fun AND work!  It’s ‘fork’!”


Danny was relating a story to his siblings, but Jimmy was concerned that he was going to ruin the punchline before Jimmy could say it.  He interjected: “Don’t spoil the beans!”


Danny: “If I see a mosquito, I’m gonna make a sign that says, ‘No Mosquitos.’”

Me: “Can mosquitos read?”

Danny: “No, I’m gonna hit the mosquito with it.”

Two Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed

Q: What do you get when you cross a four-year-old, a preschool friend, and a bouncy bed?

A: A head injury!

Fortunately, despite its bulbous appearance, the injury was minor, so Danny recovered very quickly and hopefully (finally) learned his lesson not to jump on beds! 

 photo 20161103_172326005_iOS.jpg  photo 20161103_172301466_iOS.jpg

Walks are Better with Friends

 photo 20161102_205314880_iOS.jpg  photo 20161102_205638798_iOS.jpg  photo 20161102_210011914_iOS.jpg

Leaf Pile Up

 photo 20161029_203947573_iOS.jpg


Okay, ready for Halloween pictures?  They’re worth the wait, I promise!

Look at this fiesty gang!  Becky was a pirate, Susie was a wolf, Jimmy was a ninja, Danny was a dinosaur (or dragon?  I never figured it out!), and Baby T was the cutest giraffe ever.  We had an awesome night, first trick-or-treating a little around our neighborhood and then with my in-laws nearer their house.  It was such a fun night, and the kids got so much candy we’re still going through it!

 photo 20161031_202901616_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_203735882_iOS_1.jpg  photo 20161031_203829257_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_203846277_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_203858886_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_203909557_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_203925875_iOS.jpg  photo 20161031_221154165_iOS.jpg

Busy Days

I’m here!  I’m just trying to manage unpacking from a wonderful week-long trip to visit family in Arizona, having a beloved guest for the weekend, putting up Christmas decorations, and chasing after a newly-mobile Baby T!  She’s army-crawling all over the house, which means I have to be extra careful about having the kids pick up their little toys.  It’s been so long since I’ve baby-proofed stuff, it’s hard to get back into the habit!  Thanks for bearing with me as I sort through vacation pictures, catch up on laundry and grocery shopping and get ready for three parent-teacher conferences this week (how do I have THREE school-age kids?!?).  I’ll be back blogging soon! :) 

Pumpkin Carving

One of my favorite fall activities is pumpkin carving (I have so many fond memories of doing it when I was a child!).  But I’m usually hesitant to carve with the kids because I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to manage all the knives, mess, and general craziness that accompanies carving.  Fortunately, my father-in-law came to my rescue this year and did all the hard work for me!  Hooray for Pappy!

 photo 20161026_222544910_iOS.jpg

I had mentioned to my own dad how much fun I had carving with him when I was a kid, and he told me to make sure I documented if my kids stuck their hands in the pumpkin goo.  Well, two out of four ain’t bad – here’s the proof!  photo 20161026_222932179_iOS.jpg  photo 20161026_222934388_iOS.jpg

Jimmy took it upon himself to independently carve his own pumpkin.  Here’s his awesome creation – a three-eyed alien, complete with an eyebrow over each eye!

  photo 20161026_233046541_iOS.jpg


Baby T and Danny, nose-to-nose!

 photo 20161021_191531579_iOS.jpg

Morning Mist

I always find it bittersweet putting the kids on the bus in the morning…I’m glad they enjoy school so much, but I’m sad to see them leave the house.  It always lifts my spirits to see the sun in the sky when I’m walking back up to the house after the buses pull away, especially when it’s a gorgeous fall morning like this one!

 photo 20161024_120651516_iOS.jpg