Sweet Innocence

If only their “ big secrets” could stay so sweet and simple!

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Tent Dwellers

Sometimes breakfast just tastes better under a tent!

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Sunday School Picnic

The kids and I were thrilled we got to attend a church Sunday School picnic a few weeks ago.  We look forward to it all year!  The message was amazing, as were the games, crafts, and prizes (I mean, how often can a kid win a container of lollipops half as big as he is?!).  Can’t wait until next year!

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Labor Day with Friends

We were excited that our friends Ashley and Uriah were able to join us for boating over the Labor Day weekend.  Their kids are growing up so fast!  Here are the boys trying to fix the toy Jeep together:

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And here are the boys who refuse to grow up, ha!

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And isn’t their daughter the cutest thing ever??

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Captain Jimmy:

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I spent the first five years of Jimmy’s life begging him to pick up a crayon and draw something – ANYTHING!  But now that he’s in Kindergarten, this guy is churning out masterpiece after masterpiece.  I guess his teacher is very inspiring! photo 20160919_192548202_iOS.jpg

Danny’s First Day of Preschool

Danny’s turn!  In early September, he started two mornings a week at preschool.  He was very excited to join the school fun!  And although he’s always a little nervous the first few minutes of class, the teacher has assured me he warms up quickly and it’s smooth sailing the rest of the mornings.  And every day when I pick him up, Danny joyfully announces that once again, God has answered his prayers for a good day at school!

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Jimmy has taken his education very seriously, and wanted to tutor Danny in the alphabet now that they’re both in school.  I was so tickled to watch them practicing together!

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Becky and Bubba on a Boat

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Kindergarten Kid

It’s hard for me to fathom that Jimmy is now in Kindergarten.  He’s just so grown-up now!  He took to Kindergarten like a fish to water.  He hasn’t expressed an ounce of nervousness or hesitation about school. He loves his teacher, his classmates, he even loves doing any homework that gets assigned (which isn’t much – he’s asked me to create math sheets for him to do so he can be like his big sisters!).  He’s very eager to learn to read, and even though he hasn’t quite put the ideas together yet, I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s a reading machine. 

The day before class started, he was able to meet the teacher and see his classroom:

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He even got to ride on a bus for the first time:

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Here is Jimmy the night before he started school:

And on the first day, Jimmy was ready to take on the world!

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First Day of Third Grade

The first day of school was very exciting in our house.  Not only did the girls start third grade, but it was Danny’s birthday!! (Jimmy would start the following day).  So breakfast was an eventful affair, full of homemade paper airplanes (a gift from the big kids to Danny) and money-stuffed envelopes. 

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And then it was on to the school signs!  Here’s our beautiful Becky!

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And our stupendous Susie!

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Such big third graders!

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A close-up of their signs:

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Ready for the big day!

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I’m happy to report that the girls have really LOVED third grade thus far, now over a month into the school year.  They’re pleased as punch with their teachers (especially Becky, which was a huge answer to prayer after she struggled with a not-fun teacher last year), and they’re both excelling in their work.  We’re all so thankful!

Almost Third Graders

A few days before school started, the girls were able to go meet their third grade teachers and see their classrooms.  They were excited, and relieved by how wonderful their new teachers were!

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Here is the little chat Jim and I had with them the night before they officially started school!

And because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s a video of the girls only two years ago, before first grade.  My heart can’t take the cuteness!!