Deep Creek Pics 4

I find our Maryland vacation to be our most relaxing vacation.  We have sleepy mornings, lazy afternoons on the lake, gorgeous evenings eating ice cream at sunset, and cozy nights hanging out with the family.  Couldn’t be better! photo 20160811_115650130_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_161315161_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_171420343_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_174619017_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_174624349_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_224344448_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_225230114_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_234503470_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_234517712_iOS.jpg  photo 20160812_000427531_iOS.jpg  photo 20160812_000639534_iOS.jpg  photo 20160812_002613853_iOS.jpg  photo 20160812_011141286_iOS.jpg

Deep Creek Pics 3

The next day we started off with some of Grammie’s always-awesome crafts, and then went boating with our friends who drove out to visit us.  Between tubing, paddleboarding, swimming, chatting and eating at our new favorite restaurant (The Green Turtle), we had a fun, full day!

 photo 20160810_142728999_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_175332510_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_202940504_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_222159639_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_222207377_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_222717499_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_222752845_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_223727222_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_230357143_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_230416157_iOS.jpg  photo 20160811_011920205_iOS.jpg  photo 20160810_005429428_iOS.jpg

Deep Creek Pics 2

The kids were VERY excited to return to the ropes course that we tried out last year.  Everyone was so brave again!  Becky did the advanced-level course, and through no fault of her own got stuck on the zipline halfway between the platforms.  To her credit, she just hung there and smiled until the workers towed her the rest of the way across with a long rope.  I think I would have been scared hanging there mid-zip!  Susie tried to do the advanced course as well, but then decided she had bit off more than she could chew, so she switched to the smaller course and did fantastic there.  Jimmy showed none of the hesitation that he did last year, and Danny followed in his brave footsteps and did the entire beginner course as well.  We were so proud of our little climbers!

 photo 20160809_161113379_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_161158179_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_161328209_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_161425585_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_161849546_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_163632560_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_164042471_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_165032220_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_165239024_iOS.jpg

We capped off our thrilling afternoon with a trip to Smiley’s go-karts.  Danny got to drive one for the first time ever.  He was so proud!

  photo 20160809_181552944_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_182910495_iOS.jpg  photo 20160809_182914898_iOS.jpg

Deep Creek Pics 1

After the girls’ birthday, it was time for our annual trip to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland.  We made a stop on our way down to go boating with friends first.  Jim finally achieved his goal of getting two ropeless surfers behind our boat, and young Gavin also impressed us with his newfound surfing skills!

 photo 20160806_225103249_iOS.jpg  photo 20160806_225107354_iOS.jpg  photo 20160806_231857862_iOS.jpg

All the excitement proved too much for Danny:

  photo 20160807_015432217_iOS.jpg

After that, we headed off to Maryland and met my parents and sister at a rental house on the lake.  Unfortunately, Angie’s new husband, Kevin, just started his Master’s program and couldn’t join us.  He was missed!

 photo 20160807_212807041_iOS.jpg

We got right to our favorite activities there – boating, dock-lounging, and going to Pizzaria Uno’s!

   photo 20160808_170546237_iOS.jpg  photo 20160808_181132958_iOS.jpg  photo 20160808_221100230_iOS.jpg  photo 20160808_224055044_iOS.jpg  photo 20160808_225607329_iOS.jpg  photo 20160808_235220462_iOS.jpg

Over the Rainbow

A while back, the kids and I were blessed to witness a magnificent double rainbow in our very own backyard.  And even more spectacular than the rainbow was the color of the sky itself – as Becky put it, “It’s like the sky IS the rainbow!”  You can see the progression of the colors in these pictures below as the sun went down.  What a gorgeous capstone to our day!

 photo 20160726_000607489_iOS.jpg  photo 20160726_001519615_iOS.jpg  photo 20160726_001542709_iOS.jpg  photo 20160726_001913259_iOS.jpg

Five Months

Our Baby T is now five months old!!  She continues to be such a blessing to our family.  As many of you know, we are moving forward with trying to adopt her, although nothing will be finalized for months and months.  And as is the case with all adoptions out of foster care, called “legal risk” adoptions, if a relative came forward wanting to adopt, our case would be in jeopardy…so please pray for the Lord to place T exactly where He wants her to be.

She is a smiley, roly poly, spitty (oh the laundry she creates!!), music-loving, sibling-adoring, squishy bundle of love.  She still drinks a bottle about every three hours during the day, and is working on going longer stretches at night still.  As of last week, we quit the pacifier cold-turkey in an attempt to help her sleep better at night (well, to help ME sleep better at night so I’m not up every few hours putting that binky back in!!), and so far, so good.  She is getting stronger and tolerating more tummy-time, and she’s playing with nearby toys. 

We are all positively smitten!   

 photo 20160730_123046139_iOS.jpg  photo 20160801_135032821_iOS.jpg

Boston Trip

At the end of July, the kids and I drove up to Boston for a whirlwind visit to see some friends and attend one night of their Vacation Bible School.  It was well worth the drive!  Their VBS was spectacular as always – check out these decorations for the “Treasure Island” theme!

 photo 20160727_000503213_iOS.jpg photo 20160727_000531543_iOS.jpg

The kids loved the craft – decorating ceramic piggy banks with permanent markers:

 photo 20160726_235818318_iOS.jpg photo 20160727_000748719_iOS.jpg

On the way home from Boston, we stopped at the kids’ favorite McDonald’s play structure.  Here’s the birthday girl on her birthday!

     photo 20160727_163252279_iOS.jpg

The night we got home, we decided to keep the party going and headed out to the mall with our dear friend Julie.  The kids loved getting to do the trampoline there!

   photo 20160727_230717995_iOS.jpg  photo 20160727_230910731_iOS.jpg  photo 20160727_231002577_iOS.jpg  photo 20160727_231305345_iOS.jpg

Here’s our awesome crew with Julie:

  photo 20160727_234418423_iOS.jpg

And of course, when we got home, there were birthday presents! 

  photo 20160728_003908661_iOS.jpg  photo 20160728_004235956_iOS.jpg

Birthday at Bubba’s & Pappy’s

 photo 20160728_224101854_iOS.jpg  photo 20160728_224118435_iOS.jpg  photo 20160728_224119269_iOS.jpg  photo 20160728_224638039_iOS.jpg

Party Pics

After boating earlier in the day, we capped off the girls’ birthday celebration by having a few dear friends join us for pizza and subs by the pool.  It was low-key and wonderful!  A pinata and a few water balloons even snuck in there! 😉

 photo 20160723_221155006_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_221300426_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_221523311_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_233100378_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_233444144_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_233917690_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_234034521_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_234116852_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_234319993_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_235250114_iOS.jpg  photo 20160724_003531977_iOS.jpg  photo 20160724_003729904_iOS.jpg

Belated Birthday Pics

Continuing on in my trend to post pictures about a month late this summer, I finally bring to you the girls’ birthday pictures!!  We started off the birthday fest by bringing the girls and a friend to the local paint-your-own pottery place.  It was relaxing and fun!

 photo 20160723_145558096_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_145737192_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_145803712_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_155408452_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_155537470_iOS.jpg

Then after pottery, we joined some friends for an afternoon of more fun and relaxation – this time on the lake!

  photo 20160723_175712211_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202327495_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202345404_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202444114_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202540335_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202653451_iOS.jpg  photo 20160723_202709563_iOS.jpg

Party pictures to come tomorrow!