Wonderful Watercolors

Paintings by Susie:

 photo 20161227_211445338_iOS.jpg  photo 20161227_211450942_iOS.jpg

Paintings by Becky:

  photo 20161227_211438793_iOS.jpg  photo 20161227_211434856_iOS.jpg

Sweet Susie

Susie’s teacher likes to call her “Susie-Q,” and she gave Susie this dessert as a treat – you can’t make out the name in the picture very well, but it’s called a Hostess “Suzy-Q”!

 photo 20170110_222426857_iOS.jpg


They’re cool and they know it!

 photo 20170107_224744141_iOS.jpg

Kids in the Kitchen

The kids have been enthusiastically whipping up some great food for the family lately! 

Susie made a from-scratch cake (with some from-can frosting!):

 photo 20170105_234216349_iOS.jpg  photo 20170105_234945205_iOS.jpg  photo 20170105_235035290_iOS.jpg

And Jimmy took it upon himself to prepare a dinner for the family, based on a sub sandwich recipe he found in a cookbook.  I bought him the ingredients, cut the loaf of bread in two, and he did the rest himself!  He even customized each sandwich for each member of the family.  So sweet!

  photo 20170111_225629036_iOS.jpg  photo 20170111_230651390_iOS.jpg

My Star

Here’s the Kindergarten star student of the week!  Each student gets a turn being the “star,” where they take the classroom stuffed animal Rocky home for the weekend and get special jobs and privileges at school.  Way to go, Jimmy!

 photo 414b0392-69f0-44bb-aa31-d457c83f891f.jpg

The Entrepreneur

Becky set up a “store” in our basement where she sold toys and books to her siblings.  The grand opening was a smashing success! (Especially since the store was subsequently smashed by all the kids once they moved onto the next activity!)

 photo 20170116_214938768_iOS.jpg  photo 20170116_214926192_iOS.jpg

Sky High

A few weeks ago, the kids had a day off of school and so I took them to the mall to do the trampoline jump.  It was Danny’s first time, and he did amazing!  He didn’t appear scared in the least, much to my surprise. Becky and Jimmy attempted to flip around, but didn’t quite get the move mastered, although I bet they’ll get it next time.  Susie, who is pretty timid with activities like this, did her best jumping yet.  And Baby T was a very enthusiastic cheerleader from the sidelines.  I love these high flying kids!

 photo 20170116_174954746_iOS.jpg  photo 20170116_175125579_iOS.jpg  photo 20170116_175325234_iOS.jpg  photo 20170116_175434552_iOS.jpg

Susie, Explained

I LOVE this acrostic Susie wrote out for her name.  It explains her personality well!  Truly, there’s nobody “digzaly” like her (And I get a kick out of the fact that she thinks “exactly” starts with the letter “D”!!)

 photo 20170119_194744808_iOS.jpg


S: Silly

U: Useful

S: Super Crafty

A: And Playful

N: Never liked Math

N: Nobody Exactly Like Her

A: Action


And for good measure, she wrote out her nickname as well:

S: Silly

U: Unique

S: Sweet

I: Is Super Crafty

E: Eats Cookies

Ready to Launch

The big kids are all taking an after-school class where they get to make little airplanes.  Susie is now convinced she wants to be a pilot!  Here she is teaching Danny how to fly the plane she made:

Mismatch Take Two


Take a look at my current stash of unmatched socks!

 photo 20170204_211339530_iOS.jpg

The picture above makes me want to cry – not only because it’s depressing to think about how many kid socks we’ve purchased because we can’t find matched pairs, but because I distinctly remember when the kids’ feet were so much smaller, and their laundry so much more manageable!  Remember this post from 2011?  I didn’t know how good I had it! 

 photo 20170204_211339530_iOS.jpg