Kids Council

Perhaps because Susie is part of her school’s student council, the four big kids were inspired to start their own Kids Council.  They set up shop in the upstairs hallway with all their tables and chairs, and even clanged pots and pans to call the meeting to order.  I don’t know what the council members discussed (as I was not privy to the inner workings of the council), but they took diligent notes!

They even held an election.  Jim doesn’t look too worried about whether he would get elected to his preferred role.  😉

101st Day

Danny recently celebrated his 101st day of being a Kindergartener (dressed as a black and white Dalmatian).  So cute!

Trip to Ikea

A few weekends ago, some friends and I took Becky and Susie to Ikea for the first time (and my first time in probably fifteen years!).  We all loved it!

Sweet Treats

Every one of our kids had a serious sweet tooth, but thanks to inspiration from the “Kids Baking Championship” television show, they’ve been able to satisfy their cravings with their own creations!

Jimmy treated us to a concoction featuring a shaved peppermint white chocolate base with a graham cracker finish:

(Oh, and here’s a random photo of him helping me whip some potatoes using my immersion blender – he just can’t say no to a power tool!):

Here’s Becky’s graham cracker, chocolate syrup and M&M treat:

And Danny added pillow mints for a finishing touch on his chocolates!

Oh, and I can’t forget Susie’s from-scratch yellow cake that she baked in her new Ikea cake tins, courtesy of our friend Maria:

I’m one happy mom to have so many cooks in the kitchen!

Snow Day Fun 2

We packed our snow day full to the brim with relaxing in-home entertainment!  The kids made creative messes in the playroom (there are so many pieces to so many toys!!):

They got pink-cheeked playing outside:

And even sledded so vigorously that they busted one of the sleds (who knew that using a rock as a ramp wasn’t a great idea?):

They played games with our neighbor:

And ended the day with some good-natured arm-wrestling with our beloved friend and houseguest Gene, who is staying with us while he holds a series of wonderful Gospel meetings:

We’ve got some strong, determined kids around here!

Balloon Creations

I haven’t gotten a chance to sort through my snow day pics from last week yet, so instead I’ll leave you with these photos of the kids’ self-made balloon creations!

Here’s Jim’s headdress.  None of us know what he created, but it’s impressive all the same!

And the girls made a lasso – perfect for capturing wayward siblings!

Snow Day Fun

We had another snow day last week (hooray!), and the kids had a blast inside and out.  More pictures to come!

Library Leisure

I think I posted about this once before, but I just LOVE seeing how happy the kids are after we make a trip to the library and re-stock everyone with more books!  Yay for free (and educational) peace and quiet!


I realized that I haven’t done many “Quotes” posts recently, and I have practically a year’s worth to relate!  The frequency of those side-splitting observations and quips have decreased as the kids have gotten older and more mature, but they do slip in there from time to time.  Here are a bunch of my favorites!

Becky: Is “Shania Twain” Mark Twain’s sister?


Danny said to me, “I locked the (car) door.”  Then he paused thoughtfully and continued, “…But I want bad guys to steal my booster seat…because I don’t like my booster seat.”


I came across a “Declaration” the girls had drafted in which they declare that they deserve a pet.  I had told the girls that it was possible that if they kept their room very clean for a month, that maybe we could get a hamster or guinea pig or something like that (emphasis on the maybe).

After reading their letter, I asked, “Soo…did you keep your room clean for a month?”

Susie quickly shot back, “What?? The founding fathers didn’t have to do that to get America!”


One night, I heard talking in the girls’ room well after they were supposed to be asleep (which is not unusual around here – one of the hazards of best friends sharing a room!).  I went in and told them it was time to be quiet.  I was shutting the door when Becky called out what had apparently been the topic of their discussion: “Mom, if you spell APPLE backwards, is the E silent?”


Becky, trying to educate Jimmy about historical aspects of Boston: “You know, that’s where they had the Boston mascara!!”


Susie: “Who wants to trade (Kindles)?”
Danny: “Me! Me! Me!”
(Susie hands hers to Danny and waits)
Susie: “Where’s mine?”
Danny: “Oh I didn’t have one!”
Susie: “What?!?!”
Me: “Dan, you can’t trade if you don’t have something to give her.”
Dan, settling down with Susie’s kindle: “Oh I didn’t know that…well…I kinda did.”

She’s Got Talent

Becky’s been practicing her sketching.  I love seeing how her skills are progressing!