Colonial Williamsburg Part 2

Becky, our horse whisperer:

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The kids tried their hand at wagon-pulling:

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I loved getting to hear the stories of the tradespeople.  I can’t imagine spending so much time making cotton for clothes!

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The kids found a sheet of stickers in my purse while we were waiting to go into the gunsmith building:

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Baby T was happy when we let her out of the stroller to do some strolling!

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We were so thankful my mother-in-law could join us for the trip.  She’s such a huge help!

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Colonial Williamsburg Part 1

For Spring Break, we took the RV on a trip down to Virginia to see my sister and visit Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.  The kids were super excited to be back in the motorhome!!

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Our fearless driver and backseat driver!

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I’m not sure the kids appreciated Colonial Williamsburg as much as I did (maybe except Jimmy, our history buff), but they still really enjoyed seeing people in costumes and admiring all the pet dogs other visitors were walking.  And hopefully a little bit of education seeped into their brains between exclamations over golden retrievers and exhausted requests for water (it was a beautiful 80 degree day, but we hadn’t gotten used to summer temperatures yet)!

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I can’t resist an old cemetery!

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One of our favorite parts of the trip was seeing all the beautiful spring flowers and trees in bloom:

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We took a hiatus from the history to find a modern burger shack to re-energize the troops for the rest of the sightseeing that day!

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Susie the Author

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Slide Built for Five

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Jimmy’s Birthday Request

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Jimmy (written at school): “Dear Dad, I want a boosted board [an electric skateboard] because I would not bug you any more and I won’t ask you anymore.  Sincerely, Jim”

Hat in Hand

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The girls took matters into their own hands when they found out it was Hat Day at school.  Each of them completely designed and created their own headwear.  I love it!! 

Danny’s Girl

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Spring in Their Step

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Boy oh Boy

Sometimes these brothers stop annoying each other long enough to remember that they really enjoy each other’s company!

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My Explorer

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