Snow Day with Friends

Just before New Year’s, we were able to spend time with our friends Ashley and Uriah at their new home in MA.  We loved getting to relax in their beautiful home and enjoy their company!  The guys (big and little!) loved tooling around outside on snowmobiles, while Ashley and I wrangled the girls inside.  The day went by far too quickly!  I hope we can go back again soon!

(I had to include a few pictures below of Ashley’s interior design – I wish she could come decorate my house!).


In the Kitchen

The girls received two American Girl cookbooks from my mom for Christmas, and they’ve been putting them to good use!  Susie made the BEST Chinese chicken stir-fry (I’m still craving it!), and Becky made amazing chocolate chip cookies (they were seriously buttery and crispy).  Now if I can just get them to make dinner on a regular basis!


Puppet Performances

During our winter break, the kids put on a few awesome homemade puppet shows.  Susie’s show was complete with a concessions stand (courtesy of Jimmy), tiered seating (with graduated pricing), and a curtain call at the finale.  We have quite the performers in our family!

Christmas Day Pics

Then came the presents!  Even though Jim and I did our best to limit presents this year…it still added up to a lot of (wonderful) stuff!  Once we got through all the gifts, it was time to play!  There were Lego sets to begin, a remote control transforming car to use, “extreme dot-to-dot” books to color, new clothes to sport, and even a new Kitty Cat – nope, not the animal.  A little snowmobile!  After all that activity, it was time for a delicious steak dinner grilled by my father-in-law.  It was a great day!


Christmas Morning Pics

We had a beautiful snow that blanketed the world in white Christmas morning, which was awesome in every way except that it made the drive down a bit more difficult for my in-laws.  I thought for sure we’d need to postpone the morning activities to give them more time to make the drive down, but they didn’t want to make our kiddos wait one moment longer than they already had for Christmas!  They bundled up and got to our house just in time for stocking stuffers!

Even Tazie got really into the act!

And then came my favorite part – breakfast!  We had an egg casserole, french toast casserole and little cinnamon rolls.  Perfect way to get us geared up for the presents to come!

Christmas Eve Pics

Here are our Christmas Eve pics from my in-laws’ house.  It’s my favorite part of the Christmas season!  Jan put out an amazing spread, as always.  Here are a few of us waiting impatiently for the rest of the party-goers to get seated for dinner!

Jim’s Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary outdid themselves once again getting gifts for our family.  Check out these awesome face-masks that the kids have already used a bunch to shield themselves from the bitter cold when they’re playing outside!

And Jan got my girls these adorable hat and scarf sets:

And oh, the desserts!  Yum!

Artist in Training

Tazie loves to “color” just like the big kids.  She even holds the pencil properly!  Maybe we’ll have another artist on our hands!

Bubba’s Buddy

Here’s Danny and his beloved Bubba at his Kindergarten winter concert.  The kids all wore their PJ’s and brought in a teddy bear for the performance.  It was adorable!  We’re so blessed to have my mother-in-law nearby so she can cheer on the kiddos.  We love you, Bubba!

Party Central

The month of December was a blur of festivities around here.  Although I’m glad the calendar is a little less full this month, I miss all the excitement!  Here is Susie at her class party:

And Becky at her party:

And Danny at his party:

(Three cheers for my mother-in-law who made it possible for me to attend all these class parties!)

And then we had a fun Christmas party at our house.  It’s always so fun to have a house full of people!

And the desserts never disappoint!

Jim did an awesome job at doubles ping-pong:

While the kids stayed busy with the other games:

We had so much fun!

Staying Warm

2018 has started off with a very cold streak for us here in New England, with frigid temperatures for the last week or so.  But the kids are happy to sit inside, enjoying their new toys and books!

Earlier in December, when we had our first snow, it was warmer and the kids got to spend time outside enjoying the white stuff (instead of freezing our noses off like we’re doing now!).   Tazie wasn’t so thrilled with the cold, but she enjoyed watching the big kids on the snowmobile.

Shortly thereafter, our family started passing around a 24-hour stomach bug.  It wasn’t too bad, and Tazie was happy she had more company at home.  Here she is trying to console Danny:

Tazie’s positive attitude about the upsides of illness went away once she personally came down with the bug, however.  The poor thing was pretty miserable for a day.  She’s been so healthy her whole life, she didn’t know what was going on with her little body!  She also didn’t know what to do with the bucket I handed her when she wasn’t feeling well:

Fortunately, we’re starting off the new year healthy and happy, if very cold!