Ocean City Pics 3

We started off the next day with another fun bike ride:

 photo 20170620_131112750_iOS.jpg

And some deck lounging:

  photo 20170620_142752599_iOS.jpg

Followed by a great trip to the waterpark directly on the boardwalk:


 photo 20170620_171835512_iOS.jpg photo 20170620_180238222_iOS.jpg

Tazie wasn’t very sure about the water…she spent most of our time there frantically trying to climb up my legs, but eventually she did figure out that the water was pretty fun.  Especially once the big kids came back to the splash pad and showed her all the cool stuff there!

  photo 20170620_175247650_iOS.jpg   photo 20170620_181117669_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_181534767_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_183143728_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_184042204_iOS.jpg

We spent a little time at the beach, even though it was a bit cold for Becky’s taste:

  photo 20170620_202402903_iOS.jpg

Although Susie and Katie didn’t mind!  They hit the waves like pros:

  photo 20170620_202517847_iOS.jpg  photo 20170620_202608078_iOS.jpg

Then we all refueled at our favorite nightly Greek restaurant:

  photo 20170620_222138046_iOS.jpg

And finished the night off with the rides!  Becky made her second (or third?) trip of the week to the Double Shot:

  photo 20170620_233252198_iOS.jpg

Although Susie isn’t an amusement park daredevil like her sister, she still enjoys herself!

  photo 20170620_234307028_iOS.jpg

Even Danny tried out the swings, as long as his Daddy was close by:


 photo 20170620_234357994_iOS.jpg

Jimmy cracks me up!

  photo 20170620_234404965_iOS.jpg

Ocean City Pics 2

We started out the next day with a stroll and a basketball game.  I love how the big kids let our little ones get involved!

 photo 20170619_002535000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_145619010_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_150339454_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_152446000_iOS.jpg

Our competitive guys decided to take their game to the nearby shuffleboard court.  Jimmy brought his A game and kept up with the men!  Tazie was an enthusiastic cheerleader. 🙂

  photo 20170619_154519429_iOS.jpg   photo 20170619_171218782_iOS.jpg

Then we hit the beach!  The kids never get tired of burying each other!

 photo 20170619_171218782_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_173402079_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_173719868_iOS.jpg   photo 20170619_173749990_iOS.jpg photo 20170619_173743618_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_174029754_iOS.jpg

Then we swapped the salt and sand for some good old fashioned chlorine!  Jimmy enjoyed the hot tub!

  photo 20170619_185428000_iOS.jpg

Oh, we love our family!

   photo 20170619_220032738_iOS.jpg photo c9208b75-fe03-4494-ac15-ba221b123bdc.jpg

The rain was coming, so we hit the laser maze!

   photo 20170619_221510003_iOS.jpg photo 20170619_221109190_iOS.jpg

We made it home just before the rain hit!

  photo 20170619_223334016_iOS.jpg  photo 20170619_224327000_iOS.jpg

We holed up in the condo and watched a movie – the big guys liked it just as much as the kids!

  photo 20170619_235135209_iOS.jpg

Ocean City Pics 1

It’s that time of year again!  We had an awesome time in Ocean City at the end of June – it was a great way to kick off summer 2017! 

As soon as we got to Ocean City, the girls requested their first (of many) Kohr Brothers ice cream cones!

 photo 20170617_194622097_iOS.jpg

That night, we hit the rides, and Danny was amazed as ever that his big siblings were willing to scare themselves silly on adventurous rollercoasters:

 photo 20170617_225955879_iOS.jpg  photo 20170617_225959682_iOS.jpg

Danny decided to stick lower to the ground:

  photo 20170617_231107929_iOS.jpg

The girls were jubilant to finally be in their favorite place on earth (Uncle Jon was pretty happy to finally be on vacation too)!

  photo 20170617_231303407_iOS.jpg

Bright and early the next day, we hit the boardwalk on wheels.  It was so nice to have the big kids independently mobile.  Jim took the big kids on rides almost every day, up and down the boardwalk – often for donuts!

 photo 20170618_112813000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_112827000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_112834000_iOS.jpg

Later, we hit the beach and then relaxed on the patio deck:

  photo 20170618_210356464_iOS.jpg

Then it was time for go-karts!  Becky drove her own for the first time!

  photo 20170618_224239628_iOS.jpg

Followed up by more rides!

 photo 20170618_230445305_iOS.jpg

Jimmy tackled the infamous Double Shot for the first time and LOVED it!

   photo 20170618_235010000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_235036000_iOS.jpg


Jimmy: “I wish I had a magic stick that could do anything.”

Me: “What would you do?”

Jimmy: “I would make waffles every day, make new walkie talkies, and vanish people.” 

Me: “Who would you want to vanish?”

Jimmy: “Bad guys.  And Danny.”


Jimmy, pointing to a nearby water bottle: “Who bringed this?”

Susie, exasperated: “It’s not who bringed this, it’s who brang this!!”


Danny attempted (unsuccessfully) to rollerblade for about 15 minutes in the driveway.  When I was helping him get his rollerblades off, he said, "I don’t need help anymore.  I’m a professional now."


Danny: “Bad guys are really bad.  That’s why they’re named bad guys.” (Jimmy made identical quote years ago!)


Danny: “Tazie has a power that bad guys don’t like.  She has spit.”

Everything’s Better on Wheels

Jimmy loves coming up with new ways to challenge himself – this time, he came up with roller football!

 photo 20170612_173208056_iOS.jpg

Five Kid Pile-Up

 photo 20170614_203744439_iOS.jpg

Chair with a Bear

Becky made a toy chair in art class, constructed out of cardboard and decorated with paint.  Isn’t it adorable (and isn’t SHE adorable)?

 photo 20170605_195519692_iOS.jpg

Axe Man

Jimmy took it upon himself to cut down a sapling in our yard…who knows why!  He was just excited to use a saw.  He was very proud of his logging abilities!  


Useful Superpower

Danny: “I have the power to touch things that are hot!”

 photo 20170606_190847563_iOS.jpg

Turtle Time

Tazie absolutely LOVES all animals, and this pretty turtle we found in the yard was no exception!

 photo 20170611_205621738_iOS.jpg  photo 20170611_205629911_iOS.jpg