Best Teacher Ever

Jim is an awesome dad, and one of my favorite things about his parenting is how effortlessly he includes the kids in his weekend tasks.  He’s always asking the kids to come along on his trips to Home Depot or join him on the lawn mower/snow blower.  I’m so glad his approach enables the kids to absorb his extensive knowledge about cars, home improvement, dirt bike riding, etc.  Here’s a picture of Jim teaching Danny the ins and outs of washing machine repair.  So thankful for both Jim’s expertise and the kids’ willingness to learn!

 photo 20161222_160044577_iOS.jpg


I couldn’t find Jimmy for about 10 minutes on Friday.  I frantically asked the girls to search the house again while I ran outside to keep calling his name.  I finally found him behind the shed, trying to saw down trees or something like that.  He’s always supposed to ask me first before going outside, but he didn’t this time.  Anyway, when I dragged him back in, the girls met us at the door and said, "Jimmy!  You scared us!  We looked everywhere for you – even inside all the toilets!"


Danny: “On a scale of 1-10, how awesome am I??”


Danny, trying on his new shirt: “I hope I can wear this shirt for ever and ever, all the way to heaven so God can see this awesome shirt.”


Jim, leading the children’s meeting at church: “Does anybody have a Bible with them?”

Jimmy loudly announced: “Yes, there’s one beside me, but it’s useless because I can’t read.”


(This one’s not quite a quote but it cracks me up all the same…) 

When I asked Jimmy to pack his backpack for an airplane flight, I expected him to include some paper, crayons and toys.  Instead, he packed only the following items: Two large WWII textbooks, a safe, and a crossbow.


Becky: “When I imagine what the Garden of Eden would have been like, I imagine it was always beautiful with sunny skies.”

Susie: “I imagine it with roller coasters.”


With only a few accessories from our basement, Becky was able to transform herself into a rockstar:

 photo 20161214_232659278_iOS.jpg

and then a tech-savvy teen!

  photo 20161214_233258653_iOS.jpg

Musical Girls

The girls had a great musical production at school, featuring classic 50’s rock and roll.  They were so cute up on stage!  Susie was a presenter, and Becky was a dancer.  Way to go, girls!

 photo 20161215_122556556_iOS.jpg

True or False

Our friend graciously offered to help out teaching one of our Children’s Meeting messages at church.  Here he is simulating a “lie detector test” with Jimmy as his test subject.  One of the questions David asked Jimmy was whether he’s ever peed in our pool – I’m not sure I ever wanted to know the answer to that question!

 photo 20161218_233858071_iOS.jpg

Good Worker

I love how Jimmy is always looking for something to DO.  He’s not one to sit around and twiddle his thumbs!  A few weeks ago, we got a little snow, and so as soon as the bus dropped him off, Jimmy grabbed a shovel and started clearing the driveway.  What a guy!

 photo 20161212_184554812_iOS.jpg

(You’ll notice that I took this picture from an upstairs window – I’m so glad I have men in my life who like to be out in the cold, because I’m content to stay indoors all winter long!)

Snow Season

Jimmy and Susie LOVE the snow!

 photo 20161217_130048861_iOS.jpg

Here’s Susie after sledding:

 photo 20161217_141012882_iOS.jpg

The kids were so glad for a few inches of the white stuff in December!

  photo 20161217_141122818_iOS.jpg

Hit the Spot

One of the kids’ favorite hobbies right now is woodworking (they’re all yours, Grandpa!).  They LOVE to assemble the little pre-cut kits for birdhouses, boxes, and the like.  Jimmy would rather just be given free range with any and all tools and a bunch of wood, but we try to reign him in a bit!  Here are the kids putting together a kit from Home Depot with their dad:

  photo 20161203_201333552_iOS.jpg

Watch out for Danny’s aim!

  photo 20161203_201346932_iOS.jpg

I love seeing Danny’s cute tongue when he’s concentrating – he looks just like his Dad!

 photo 20161203_200934811_iOS.jpg

Step Right Up

According to Becky’s poster, “Everyone has a secret identity!  What’s yours?”  Curious?  Just step right up and place your feet on the indicated spaces, and let Becky’s amazing machine do the rest!  I love kids’ imagination!!

 photo 2c62b1be-11f9-4f70-8e77-c828be75090b.jpg  photo 20161130_001032564_iOS.jpg

Along for the Ride

This is as close as the kids are going to get to a magic carpet ride – but they don’t seem to mind!  They make their own magic!

 photo 20161203_010417496_iOS.jpg photo 20161203_010529002_iOS.jpg