The Good Book

I looked over to see Tazie flipping through the pages of my Bible.  Lord willing, one day she’ll be searching the book out of a love for the Lord, not just out of curiosity!


Leaf Blowing Duo

It warms my heart to see my men working out in the cold!  Just glad it’s not me, ha!


A Hair Affair

I’m getting a little more ambitious with Tazie’s hair!  Here’s my most elaborate attempt yet:


A friend told me I need to switch away from the elastic bands to a soft-coated hair tie, so I’ll try that next.  This is definitely a learning process!

Painted People

We had some face paint from Halloween that we never used (we had aspirations of turning Becky’s face into a black-and-white panda, but my execution wasn’t quite what either of us had hoped for, so we scrubbed that idea – literally!).  The kids were yearning to do SOMETHING with the leftover paint, so they decided to decorate themselves.  I’ll say here that while I knew this activity was happening, I was not overseeing it in any way (my bad!), so I can’t take credit for the results!  Without further ado, here’s the documentation of what happens when you let four kids go to town on their faces with paint!

IMG_9934  IMG_9938 IMG_9940 IMG_9942

Now what I failed to anticipate was how difficult it would be to remove the paint.  So after these pictures were taken, we started washing and washing, with only a smearing-effect.  To make matters worse, we were in a time crunch because Jim was taking the big kids to a Gospel meeting that night, and I needed them to not look like hooligans!  So I ended up throwing all the kids in the bath and shower and we just kept using more and more soap until they were all more or less recognizable again.  Although I do think it still looked like Jimmy had blue eyeliner on when he went to church that night, ack!!  Guess I learned my lesson to supervisor all further body-painting endeavors and make sure we’re using very washable paint!

IMG_9944 IMG_9945 IMG_9946 IMG_9947

Who Knows

You never know what you’re going to get when you’re walking around our yard…


…I’m not sure what Jimmy was trying to accomplish by driving a screwdriver into a hunk of wood, but I bet he enjoyed himself!

Halloween Pics

We had a lovely Halloween with relatively warm temperatures!  Becky had picked her costume not only because she loves Panda Bears, but because she did NOT want to be as freezing as she was in previous years.  She was very comfortable this year!  Susie was a colonial girl, Jimmy was a revolutionary war soldier, Danny was a transformer (Optimus Prime, I think?), and Tazie was a tiger (or more specifically, half a tiger, because I couldn’t find the bottoms to the hand-me-down tiger suit!).  We went to our usual trick-or-treating spot, met by Jim and my in-laws, and we all had a blast.  We started earlier this year, and we loved getting to walk around in the daylight and appreciate the others’ cool costumes.  Tazie definitely got the hang of trick-or-treating, and was walking up to the houses like a pro!

fullsizeoutput_d3a IMG_9895 IMG_9896 IMG_9904 IMG_9909 IMG_9917 IMG_9921 IMG_9923

A Class Act

Tazie and I just finished her first official playgroup!  She did eight weeks of an outdoor class, and loved it.  It was very interesting to see how she interacted with kids more her own size (she’s so used to the big kids!).  Every time we were on our way to the class, I’d tell her we were going to see her friends, and she would get so excited and yell, “Friends!  Friends!  Friends!”  I think the class was a hit!


Furry Visitor

Jimmy was the “star of the week” of his first grade class, and got to take home the class stuffed animal to spend time with over the weekend.  The bear came with us to Sunday School!


Pumpkin Carving

I got to join the girls at their school for the fourth-grade pumpkin carving event.  It was so much fun!  I love getting to see the kids interact with their classmates, and I loved to see all the creative pumpkins.  I had hollowed out the pumpkins at home, but the girls did all the decorative carving themselves – I was impressed!



IMG_9877 IMG_9873 IMG_9860

Relaxing Day Together

We had a big rainstorm here last week, and so the kids helped me go outside and clean up the sticks that were blown around (thankfully we didn’t lose power, but many people did – in fact, the kids’ school was cancelled so we had an unexpected day at home together – it was wonderful!).  While the kids were supposed to be cleaning, they decided it would be a riot to turn their coats backwards.  Tazie kept saying they looked like spiderman!  All I know is that I don’t think those hooded faces could see the sticks very well! 😉

IMG_9830 IMG_9832 IMG_9834 IMG_9838 IMG_9839

The four big kids played for hours with magnatiles and shopkins, creating little worlds for themselves upstairs.  I especially loved this “wedding” scene by Becky, complete with rose petals down the aisle.  They’re so creative!