Porch Pictures

I recently took a picture of Baby T swinging on the porch with her Bubba, and it brought back fond memories of watching Becky and Susie in the same spot so many years ago.  Don’t mind me over here getting all misty eyed looking at old photos…I’m so blessed to have such adorable girls, such a sweet mother-in-law, and such a great spot for swinging! 

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Easter Day

The rest of our Easter was wonderful.  After we got home from our church meeting, we did an egg hunt and dinner at my in-laws’ house.  The weather was beautiful!

  photo 5e4a122d-ffb4-43c5-a4ba-5ae378176f80.jpg photo 20170416_134811367_iOS.jpg

  photo 20170416_205944205_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_205950043_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210116073_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210224090_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210442758_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210551303_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210734067_iOS.jpg

Easter Morning

The kids all loved their Easter baskets:

 photo 20170416_110122546_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110212949_iOS.jpg

Danny especially loved the stuffed animal from Grammie – he was smitten!

  photo 20170416_110219855_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110219054_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_110224625_iOS.jpg

I loved watching them enjoy their new bubbles:

  photo 20170416_113317353_iOS.jpg   photo 20170416_113335687_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113341425_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113352366_iOS.jpg photo 20170416_113854981_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113741494_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_113816553_iOS.jpg

More pictures to come!

Easter Eggs

After we got back from our trip, we got busy getting ready for Easter!  Here we are dyeing eggs:

 photo 20170416_000534438_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000940581_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000942614_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_000947047_iOS.jpg  photo e03e567b-1c66-4864-b404-cfc5931dc6ac.jpg

The finished products!

  photo 20170416_002722858_iOS.jpg

And her are the kids’ baskets ready for the morning.  Many thanks to my mom and mom-in-law for showering the kids with so many fun gifts!   

 photo a1baa6d4-00dd-470a-870e-be0d7bdb33d8.jpg

Colonial Williamsburg Part 3

Oops – I realize I forgot to post these pictures!

 photo 20170410_181538006_iOS.jpg

The kids took part in a “bucket brigade” to put out a little fire.  It was so hot we were all hoping we’d get splashed!  We learned that there was no designated firefighters back then; each home had to have a few buckets and then they would all come out in the case of a fire and form a brigade to fill a little portable wagon with water to pump.  We also learned that the volume of water was nowhere near sufficient to actually extinguish a house fire, so if a building did catch fire, all you could do was pump water around the perimeter of the blaze to prevent it from spreading to other houses. 

   photo 20170410_183224228_iOS.jpg

The kids were getting whiny so we stuck them in the stocks.  They didn’t seem to mind!

  photo 20170410_184606199_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_184629913_iOS.jpg

These workers must have been so hot in their costumes!

  photo 20170410_185018928_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_190037207_iOS.jpg


  photo 20170410_190420074_iOS.jpg

The kids loved getting to see the inside of an old jail (or “gaol”) – Jimmy was fascinated by the fact that this particular jail was once used to detain pirates!

  photo 20170410_190948694_iOS.jpg

  photo 20170410_191446904_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_191457212_iOS.jpg

Of course we had to visit the gift shop on our way out.  Becky and Susie got stuffed animals and a keychain, and the boys got…weapons, of course!  Danny got a little pop gun and Jimmy got a rifle.  They were all very pleased!  photo 20170410_203603778_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_204156806_iOS.jpg

Pennsylvania Pictures

On the way home from Virginia, we detoured to attend the funeral of a dear friend in Pennsylvania.  While we were grieved for the reason we visited, our kids were so excited to be able to see our family’s friends in PA again.

Even though our kids are younger than the two eldest boys we visited, they all played so well together.  I got a kick of seeing them all lined up on the swings at the park!

 photo 20170413_141837916_iOS.jpg   photo 20170413_150556464_iOS.jpg

Danny even figured out how to pump his legs for the first time!

 photo 20170413_150603320_iOS.jpg

Danny also had his first Italian cream soda, courtesy of Tiffany’s new recipe!

  photo 20170413_170804364_iOS.jpg

And the kids were overjoyed to spend time with their beautiful puppy, Leia:

  photo 20170413_181216538_iOS.jpg

Finally it was time to head back to Connecticut in the RV.   It was a great trip!

  photo 20170414_122136501_iOS.jpg

Busch Gardens

After our busy vacation day at Colonial Williamsburg, we piled the kids in the rental car and drove over to Norfolk to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law.  It was soooo good to see them, even if it was only for a few hours!!

 photo 20170410_232005708_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_232119529_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_232135045_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_000218768_iOS.jpg

By the time the below picture was taken, the kids were so crazy and tired from their full day, I couldn’t get them to behave for the camera!

  photo 20170411_001259614_iOS.jpg

The next day, we went to Busch Gardens.  After the parking process took well over an hour of sitting in traffic, we were worried that the park would be too full or crowded to enjoy, but we found it to be perfect!  We had a blast exploring this amazing theme park! 

  photo 20170411_150108088_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_154000908_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_174217693_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_174930370_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_174957176_iOS.jpg  photo 20170411_182327462_iOS.jpg

Colonial Williamsburg Part 2

Becky, our horse whisperer:

 photo 20170410_164919304_iOS.jpg

The kids tried their hand at wagon-pulling:

  photo 20170410_165134140_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_165159959_iOS.jpg

I loved getting to hear the stories of the tradespeople.  I can’t imagine spending so much time making cotton for clothes!

  photo 20170410_165659069_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_170837847_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_171336049_iOS.jpg

The kids found a sheet of stickers in my purse while we were waiting to go into the gunsmith building:

  photo 20170410_173808811_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_173830254_iOS.jpg

Baby T was happy when we let her out of the stroller to do some strolling!

  photo 20170410_175920915_iOS.jpg

We were so thankful my mother-in-law could join us for the trip.  She’s such a huge help!

  photo 88084152-abc1-4403-a8ec-22f8591dfca1.jpg photo e6858fd8-d897-4473-a053-96dbe251528d.jpg

Colonial Williamsburg Part 1

For Spring Break, we took the RV on a trip down to Virginia to see my sister and visit Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.  The kids were super excited to be back in the motorhome!!

 photo 20170409_170714957_iOS.jpg

Our fearless driver and backseat driver!

  photo 20170409_170718303_iOS.jpg  photo 20170409_223520099_iOS.jpg

I’m not sure the kids appreciated Colonial Williamsburg as much as I did (maybe except Jimmy, our history buff), but they still really enjoyed seeing people in costumes and admiring all the pet dogs other visitors were walking.  And hopefully a little bit of education seeped into their brains between exclamations over golden retrievers and exhausted requests for water (it was a beautiful 80 degree day, but we hadn’t gotten used to summer temperatures yet)!

  photo 20170410_151309494_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_151941230_iOS.jpg

I can’t resist an old cemetery!

  photo 20170410_152312350_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_152411451_iOS.jpg

  photo 20170410_153250821_iOS.jpg photo 20170410_153315719_iOS.jpg

One of our favorite parts of the trip was seeing all the beautiful spring flowers and trees in bloom:

  photo 20170410_154717156_iOS.jpg  photo 20170410_154902885_iOS.jpg

We took a hiatus from the history to find a modern burger shack to re-energize the troops for the rest of the sightseeing that day!

  photo 20170410_161153797_iOS.jpg

Susie the Author

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