Fun and Games

I’m looking forward to soon posting photos from our trip to Deep Creek Lake back in early August, but I’m having some uploading issues which are making that difficult (why would my computer decide to “eat” just that week’s worth of pictures, ack!).  However, no fear!  I have lots of other August pictures to share!

Like this lazy day full of fun and games, like Chubby Bunny -where you see who can put the most marshmallows in their mouth and still stay the word “chubby bunny.”  I know, we’re very classy around here! 😉

IMG_8368 IMG_8373

And here’s Jim schooling the kids on the ins and outs of Monopoly.  We’re raising some budding real estate moguls (who happened to have a large appetite for marshmallows)!  IMG_8380

Piano Playing


Becky and Susie have been taking weekly piano lessons for about four months now, and I’m impressed by how much they’ve learned already!  And Tazie is impressed too – yet another way she wants to be just like her big sisters!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great, busy Labor Day weekend!  We kicked it off with a day on the lake and a little birthday party for Danny:IMG_9035 IMG_9040 IMG_9045 IMG_9049 IMG_9054 IMG_9060

And then we spent the beautifully warm Monday afternoon and then at our dear friends’ house.  It was the perfect ending to a great summer!IMG_9063 IMG_9070







Jimmy: “Mom, why do I know a lot about everything?”
Me: “You pay attention to lots of stuff.”
Jimmy: “No I don’t pay attention, I just know.”


Danny, curled up on floor covered with blanket: “I’m in sleep mode.”


I asked Danny at mealtime, “What kind of car do you want to drive when you grow up?” He answered, “I won’t have a car.” I was surprised and asked him how he was going to get to the store if he needed something. He matter-of-factly said, “If nobody will marry me, then you can go get my groceries for me.”


Danny: “Me and Tazie are twins. We both like to play and we don’t like to take naps.”
Becky: “God’s job is awesome!”
Me: “Why?”
Becky: “God gets to design people, and he designed Taz great!!”
Me: “You’ve got great eyesight.  Must be all the carrots you eat.”
Danny: “No, it’s all the hamburger.”

Big Man

Here are a few more pictures from Danny’s first day of Kindergarten.  He was very excited to get on the bus in the morning, and when he got off in the afternoon, he proudly announced, “School is AWESOME!”


fullsizeoutput_826 fullsizeoutput_828

We also celebrated Danny’s FIFTH birthday!  It’s so crazy to me that my baby is five!  Here he is enjoying his new scooter:


And his new transformer:


We love this kid so much!

First Day of School

I’ll take a break from our summer adventures to share pictures from our latest excitement: the start of school!  Susie and Becky are now fourth-graders, Jimmy is a first-grader, and Danny a KINDERGARTENER!  This is blowing my mind!  So far, the kids are all doing really well.  I’m so proud of these kiddos!


IMG_8941 IMG_8942 IMG_8944 IMG_8948




Birthday Girls

Once the girls arrived back from Arizona, we celebrated their ninth birthdays!  They decided to celebrate with a trip to Taco Bell with a friend:


And then a visit to the local animal shelter to visit the cats and dogs:

IMG_8011 IMG_8013

Followed by a fancy tea party! IMG_8019

The girls received all sorts of wonderful gifts, which helped ease their sadness at no longer being with their beloved cousins.

IMG_8029 IMG_8034 IMG_8036

Brother Time

In the middle of July, the girls flew back with their cousins and grandma to Arizona.  That left the boys, Tazie and I feeling a bit bewildered after our wonderfully busy month of summer!  So I decided to keep us moving so we didn’t miss the girls too much.

We took a beautiful hike:

IMG_7900 IMG_7904 IMG_7909 IMG_7912  IMG_7925 IMG_7931

The boys wanted to use plastic garbage bags as parachutes, so they went out into the yard in search of places to jump from (!):


We played a lot of catch:


We had a playdate with some dear friends who were moving.  We miss them already!:IMG_7963

Jim and I let the boys camp out on our floor for a night.  The boys thought it was so awesome they didn’t even mind sleeping on a hard floor!:IMG_7964

We went boating:

IMG_7977 IMG_7979 IMG_7983

As a special treat, we took the boys to a Monster Truck show:

IMG_7988 IMG_7991

As you can see from the headgear, we enjoyed the show a LOT!


So even though we missed the girls during their trip to Arizona, I think the boys enjoyed their time in Connecticut – I know I sure did!

Last Cousin Pics

We finished up our wonderful time with our Arizona cousins with a trip to the paint-your-own pottery store.  This was my boys’ first time there, and they loved it!  All the kids did a great job.


IMG_7830 IMG_7831

And of course we had to do one last boating trip:


And one last go-cart run:


I had to stick the following picture in here to document how amazing my mother-in-law is.  She voluntarily watched ELEVEN children (our five, plus Jon and Kate, plus an additional four kids) while Jim and I went to a friend’s wedding.  She’s my hero!


See?  Here’s Jan keeping our kids in line.  Never cross a grandma with a water gun!


IMG_7877 IMG_7881

Zoo Time

We went to the Beardsley Zoo and had a wonderful time getting to see some of God’s creatures!  (Starting with a little turtle in our own yard!)


IMG_7770 IMG_7773 IMG_7778 IMG_7780 IMG_7781 fullsizeoutput_7e4 IMG_7795 IMG_7799 IMG_7802 IMG_7807 IMG_7823