Jimmy is SIX

(This post is a month late – oops!)

Jimmy…Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.  You are six years old now…but in so many ways you seem years older than that.  Your avid interest in and amazing memory for history (especially military history), explorers, and nature make you a delightful conversationalist.  You are eager, thoughtful, and helpful.  You love being the one who can fix things in the house – I’m considering locking up the batteries because you are so quick to grab a screwdriver and replace the batteries in absolutely anything!  Even your siblings turn to you for help with their bicycles and broken toys.  You are an amazing bicycle and dirtbike rider.  I can’t even watch half the time because you’re trying stunts that seem much too old for you – but then you nail them and take off for the next challenge.  You are excelling academically (your teacher calls you a role model in every way), and I still can’t believe how well you’re reading.  Lately, you’ve been pulling out one of our storybook Bibles at mealtimes and reading a page or two out loud to us all.  This past year you’ve really calmed down and grown up.  Of course, every now and then your “puppy” antics emerge and you bump into things and people and generally wreak havoc on your immediate area…but those times are fewer and fewer, and I’ve had several people comment on how mature you’ve been lately.  You make this mama so happy and proud!  You are independent and fearless.  I cannot wait to see what this next year holds for you!

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They Keep Trying

 photo 20170502_204640533_iOS.jpg

Award Winner

I’m proud to announce that Becky received an honorable mention in a contest to create a poster for a regional recycling campaign.  She was honored at a Board of Education meeting (I love how THRILLED she was to attend a BOE meeting!).  We’re so proud of her! 

 photo d9406aba-e6ac-4c4b-abae-08e5b6c7615b.jpg

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Biker Baby

Baby T may not be big enough to ride a dirtbike yet, but that doesn’t stop her from being her daddy and brothers’ biggest cheerleader – she goes nuts with excitement anytime she hears them out in the yard!

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Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, I’m thankful for planes that brought me to and from California, for an amazingly supportive husband and mother-in-law that watched the big kids so I could take Baby T to see my parents and grandmother, for my mom who gave me life and who continually gives me unswerving love and support, for my grandma in California who always fills my heart with joy and encouragement when we talk, for my grandmother in Washington who inspires me with her attitude and resilience, for my mother-in-law who gives of her time and love so selflessly, for a son who brought me breakfast in bed today, for daughters who organized painting me beautiful pictures and getting them framed, for all the kids who greeted me with sleepy grins and hugs when I came home from the airport in the middle of the night, for Baby T’s mother who gave her life and gave us her blessing to raise her, and for the Lord who has used motherhood to teach me again and again about His tender love and care and forgiveness and grace.

Here are some pictures from our Mother’s Day evening walk and dinner.  I’m so thankful for my family, near and far!

 photo 20170514_212549123_iOS.jpg  photo 8254c609-efd4-4744-a77d-328aa843e162.jpg  photo 20170514_215053835_iOS.jpg  photo 20170514_224933696_iOS.jpg

Costume Contest

The big kids decided to have a stuffed animal costume contest.  Here are the participants: Redcoat Jimmy and his cat (he’s into the Revolutionary War right now):

 photo 20170506_193342077_iOS.jpg

Supergirl Susie and her dog:

  photo 20170506_193325984_iOS.jpg

Batgirl Becky and her horse:

  photo 20170506_193249658_iOS.jpg

I wish I had videoed the talent portion of the contest!  The animals are quite the dancers!

The Girls

 photo 6afee1d1-7801-42b3-a205-7c084670a985.jpg

Two Thumbs Up

 photo 20170418_173245187_iOS.jpg

Porch Pictures

I recently took a picture of Baby T swinging on the porch with her Bubba, and it brought back fond memories of watching Becky and Susie in the same spot so many years ago.  Don’t mind me over here getting all misty eyed looking at old photos…I’m so blessed to have such adorable girls, such a sweet mother-in-law, and such a great spot for swinging! 

    photo 2ab6699c-e639-48e5-9846-f3cfb6689bfd.jpg

Easter Day

The rest of our Easter was wonderful.  After we got home from our church meeting, we did an egg hunt and dinner at my in-laws’ house.  The weather was beautiful!

  photo 5e4a122d-ffb4-43c5-a4ba-5ae378176f80.jpg photo 20170416_134811367_iOS.jpg

  photo 20170416_205944205_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_205950043_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210116073_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210224090_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210442758_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210551303_iOS.jpg  photo 20170416_210734067_iOS.jpg