Lessons Learned

Here’s a personal narrative Jimmy wrote for school last week: “A year ago on Saturday, I went on a boat.  After that when we got home we ate dinner.  Then we got my motorcycle.  I rode my motorcycle down the driveway.  When I got to the grass, I lost control.  I landed in the rocks!!!  It was painful.”

I guess sometimes painful lessons are powerful teachers!



Sneaky Snack

The other morning, I set Tazie in the basement playroom and put up the gate so she couldn’t climb the stairs after me.  Normally, she would not be happy about this arrangement, but that morning, she didn’t make a sound as I walked up the stairs.  After a few minutes of still not hearing her fuss, I was surprised she was still so quiet and so I tip-toed down to spy on what she was doing.  That silly girl had gone straight to the snack cupboard (I didn’t think she knew it was there!), pulled out a box of Nutella snacks, opened one of the snack packs, and started dipping the breadsticks in the chocolate as happily as could be.  When I walked into the playroom, she looked up and grin broadly, as if to say, “Look at this AWESOME way I’m entertaining myself!!!”


Misty Morning

I had to share these foggy morning pictures from a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful start to the day!

IMG_9723 IMG_9722

And you can just make out my little buddy pushing her “lawn mower” down the driveway after me!


Silver Lining

October was a rough month for sicknesses at our house, but there’s one person who’s been rather happy about it: Tazie!  Every time one of the big kids has to stay home sick, she’s just thrilled she gets a playmate all day!!  I think she makes the big kids feel better, too.  It’s a win-win!


Full Speed Ahead

Watch out for this pink powerhouse coming your way!  Danny used his savings to buy a used electric scooter, and even though he had to settle for pink to get the most bang for his buck, he’s loving his new set of wheels!  The other day, I told him to go slow because the driveway was wet with slippery leaves, and he said, “I can’t!  This thing goes either fast or zero miles per hour!”  Ha ha, this kid is full speed ahead!



I love these papers Susie brought home from school.  The first one is an essay in response to the question: “Why are you the most awesome 4th grader?” and the second is an “all about me” sheet she did at the beginning of the year.  I love getting to peek inside her thoughts (especially when she calls ME her hero)!

IMG_9758 fullsizeoutput_c52

Game Face

Jimmy is a never-ending source of amusement for us.  Here he is sporting his “Go-Pro” that he insisted on wearing to film some of his bicycling antics (being a bike pro is a serious business, don’t you know):


And here he is, at home sick from school, but still determined to eat the entire giant-sized carrot from our refrigerator.  He did it, too!  He just cracks us up!


Fall Social

Last week, we attended the boys’ Fall Social at their school.  It was fun to see how excited they were to see their friends outside of the classroom.  And we loaded up at the Book Fair, as always!  But my favorite part was watching all five of my kiddos play with the “imagination playground” equipment in the courtyard.  They had a blast building forts, knocking them down, and just scrambling over all the pieces.  Wish we could have a set in our own backyard!



So Proud

Jimmy’s turn to get a glowing note home from his teacher.  We’re so proud!fullsizeoutput_bf6

Wash Time

We took the kids (and the car) to a self-serve wash last weekend.  They thought it was awesome!  We can’t wait until we can have a fully kid-serve car wash at our house! 😉

IMG_9661 IMG_9659