Nine-Year-Old Becky

OK, so I’m a little (a lot!) behind on my “birthday” posts for my three kiddos with summer birthdays.  But better late than never!  Here goes!  First up, Becky!

Becky, I have seen such growth in you this last year.  Not only physical (you’re so tall!), but emotionally as well – you continue to display more and more wisdom and kindness and service to others.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that you are an indispensable help with Tazie.  You are my best cleaner when I ask you to take care of a room, and you even volunteer to organize drawers for me (for a modest fee!) or write up a schedule for the afternoon, which I love!  Your artistic abilities still blow me away, especially because you always make your creations from your mind’s eye, never needing to rely on a visual image.  And because your imagination is so fantastic, your drawings are equally inventive.  You still love to read (which makes me so happy), especially fantasy books, and my favorite part of the day is sitting at night reading stories to you and your siblings while you color quietly or create free-hand Lego structures.  And even though you say you don’t love school, you plow through diligently, and I think you’re finding more joy in your days.  Your fourth grade teacher seems really enthusiastic and creative, so she should be a perfect match for you, just like your third grade teacher was AMAZING and really helped you to have a great day every day (even if you said the day was only “okay”, lol!).  I love how you are meeting every challenge head-on like an adult, but you still maintain your childlike innocence and eagerness.  I love you, Becky!!


New Friends and Old Places

Our dear friends recently adopted their son, and so the kids and I eagerly came over to say hello to their darling boy and hang out for a bit!



After letting the kids run around for a while, we took them over to the Nathan Hale House to get a dose of learning in before school started the next week.  Jimmy had received an awesome graphic novel about Nathan Hale for his birthday in the Spring, and so he was quite the Nathan Hale expert!  He answered every question the tour guide threw our way!  It was a VERY informative and enjoyable tour, and the kids did a great job.  I’m so glad we got to see such a great place with such great friends!

IMG_9111 IMG_9112 IMG_8834 IMG_8843 IMG_8847 IMG_8852

The gift shop was amazing, and Susie and Jimmy bought quill pens and ink bottles, and have LOVED getting to practice writing like the olden days.  It’s so cute!IMG_8862 IMG_8865

More Awesome Activities

More summer pictures!

We threw an end-of-summer/belated birthday party for the girls, and it was a blast!  They invited five friends over to swim and play, and it was just a WONDERFUL time for all of us!


IMG_8738 IMG_8742

We went to the bike trail a few days later and soaked up the last of the summer sun:

IMG_8750 IMG_8752

And speaking of sun, we saw the eclipse!  So cool!

IMG_8754 IMG_8755

We spent lots of time outside on bikes:


And skateboards – look who has really good balance!


The girls got to do a visit to Jim’s work, much to their delight.  They loved getting to finally see where daddy goes every day!

IMG_8770 IMG_8771 IMG_8778

Of course, we did lots of swimming (and water-shooting)!IMG_8784

And more mask making:


We have a house full of superheroes!IMG_8791 IMG_8793

Even Tazie got in on the fun (she was Lego Superman)!


Awesome Activities

The last few weeks before school were jam-packed with awesome activities.

Like cuddling cute friends:

IMG_8673 IMG_8684

Making disguises:


Checking out the coveted skate park that Jimmy has been bugging me all summer to try out:

IMG_8697 IMG_8698 IMG_8702 IMG_8705 IMG_8709

Taking a few rides in a Polaris Slingshot (not ours):


Just being silly and hanging out:


And putting on puppet shows!


Gotta Love a New Trick

Me: “Danny, you look so old with your new haircut.”

Danny: “Yeah, and with my winking!”


More Summer Fun

As we tried to cram as much fun as we could into the last few weeks of August, we made sure to frequently hit the park:


And the merry-go-round:

IMG_8641 IMG_8648

And the lake:

IMG_8663 IMG_8666

And we even found some time to read quietly, as well!


Best Dad Ever

We celebrated Jim’s birthday early in August with a day on the lake – Jimmy even started surfing on his dad’s birthday.  What a great gift for the best dad in the world!!

IMG_8388 IMG_8393 IMG_8397 IMG_8404 IMG_8409 IMG_8416 IMG_8419

Fun and Games

I’m looking forward to soon posting photos from our trip to Deep Creek Lake back in early August, but I’m having some uploading issues which are making that difficult (why would my computer decide to “eat” just that week’s worth of pictures, ack!).  However, no fear!  I have lots of other August pictures to share!

Like this lazy day full of fun and games, like Chubby Bunny -where you see who can put the most marshmallows in their mouth and still stay the word “chubby bunny.”  I know, we’re very classy around here! 😉

IMG_8368 IMG_8373

And here’s Jim schooling the kids on the ins and outs of Monopoly.  We’re raising some budding real estate moguls (who happened to have a large appetite for marshmallows)!  IMG_8380

Piano Playing


Becky and Susie have been taking weekly piano lessons for about four months now, and I’m impressed by how much they’ve learned already!  And Tazie is impressed too – yet another way she wants to be just like her big sisters!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great, busy Labor Day weekend!  We kicked it off with a day on the lake and a little birthday party for Danny:IMG_9035 IMG_9040 IMG_9045 IMG_9049 IMG_9054 IMG_9060

And then we spent the beautifully warm Monday afternoon and then at our dear friends’ house.  It was the perfect ending to a great summer!IMG_9063 IMG_9070