Turtle Time

Tazie absolutely LOVES all animals, and this pretty turtle we found in the yard was no exception!

 photo 20170611_205621738_iOS.jpg  photo 20170611_205629911_iOS.jpg

Sunday School Picnic

We were so glad we got to attend a nearby Sunday School picnic a few weeks ago.  The weather was perfect, and so was the company!  We had a blast!

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Boating Beauties

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Wacky Hair Day

The girl may have gotten bigger, but the wacky hair is still wacky!

 photo 20170613_114036675_iOS.jpg

Here are my little wacky girls in 2014!

   photo 20170613_114036675_iOS.jpg  photo 20170613_114036675_iOS.jpg

Preschooler No More

 photo 20170614_150928357_iOS.jpg

If I think about it for too long, I’m going to cry, so I’ll just say that Danny finished preschool with flying colors.  I still can’t believe he’s gotten so grown up!!  I was so sad to say goodbye to his beloved teacher, Miss Kim, who taught ALL my kids in preschool over the last few years.  I hope she’ll still be there when it’s Tazie’s turn!!

Chocolate Temptation

Learning self-control is no fun!

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Fun Danny tidbit: the child does not like chocolate chip cookies!  And if you him give a cake, brownie, or donut with frosting, he’ll eat the frosting and leave the rest untouched! 

On the Job

I’m so happy that the boys are big enough that they are actually disposing of rodents for me!  Yet another perk of having kids – delegating the chores I don’t want to do!!

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Just the Right Note

I was so happy I got to attend the girls’ recorder concerts at school.  They each did an awesome job!   

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Foreman Jimmy

Sometimes it’s hard to find good help!

 photo 20170521_184944693_iOS.jpg


First popsicles of the year!

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Apparently popsicles make us pose!

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