Head Case

The kids received a fun new game for Christmas called Headbanz.  Each player wears a card on their head describing an object and has to ask questions of the other players to discover what that object is.  It’s a little old for the girls right now (most of their questions consisted of “Am I a spoon?”  “Am I turkey?”, rather than descriptive questions to narrow down the options) but it was a great game and they were starting to get the hang of it by the end.    

 photo IMG_5562.jpg

The one who was NOT getting it, though, was Jimmy.  As soon as someone put a card on their head, he blurted out what he saw, thus giving away the answer!  No matter how hard we tried to convince Jimmy he was missing the point of the game, he just couldn’t contain his glee at announcing the surprise object.  It reminded me of a few weeks ago when we went to the mall to buy Jim a bean bag chair/pillow for a Christmas present.  I coached and coached and coached the kids that they were not supposed to tell their daddy what we got him.  I told them just to tell their daddy we got him a “surprise.”  Well, we weren’t home from the mall for five minutes before Jimmy ran up to Jim and excitedly hollered, “We got you a SURPRISE PILLOW!!!” 

 photo IMG_5558.jpg

I suppose I ought to be glad he’s such a guileless young man – I just hope he gets a little better at holding his tongue!


2 comments to Head Case

  • Wowsers. Kids are growing so fast! Love this picture of Becky and her beautiful mama. And isn’t Headbanz such a great game? We still play it together… although we have many of the words memorized by now! Enjoy… and Happy New Year from Vancouver!

  • Linda

    For the first time, I see the similarities of you and Becky! Perhaps it’s the eyes, and you both have that shy smile! Great pictures of all three of you!

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