Apple Picking

Last week, the kids had the day off of school so we met some of our friends at our favorite orchard to spend the afternoon picking apples!  It was a gorgeous, warm day – a perfect beginning to fall!

We started off by enjoying the play area at the farm:


IMG_9317 IMG_9318

Then we got down to business!  These apples were AMAZING:IMG_9324

And the kids sampled quite a few!

IMG_9327 IMG_9331 IMG_9332 IMG_9335 IMG_9337 IMG_9340 IMG_9351 IMG_9361 IMG_9362 IMG_9365

When we got home, we had a sunset unlike any I’d ever seen before.  There was a warm pink glow cast over everything.  The kids said it felt magical, and I had to agree!  IMG_9376 IMG_9378

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