A Celebration of Sequins

My girls are generally positive, enthusiastic kids (with the exception I noted before, of Becky insisting she doesn’t like school, even though all signs point to her truly enjoying it and thriving there!).  At any rate, it’s not that unusual for them to get excited about things.  However, we were at a store at the mall the other day and the girls were OVER THE TOP excited.  The moment we stepped into the door of the tween-clothing store Justice, the girls were BONKERS with joy.  There were actual squeals of excitement over each and every item featuring unicorns and/or sequins.  Becky danced around, breathed in deeply, and exclaimed, “This store expresses my FEELINGS!!!!”  Clearly, Justice has done its market research, and my girls are very much in their target population!

So grandparents take note, I think most anything from this store (including the sparkly unicorn hooded blanket featured in the picture below) would be a slam-dunk for a Christmas gift this year, lol! 😉 .


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