The Family Fish

So…our family embarked on a new adventure a week ago.  Pet fish ownership!  We bought a 10-gallon tank with a filter, got all the chemicals we needed, added five specially-chosen and named goldfish, enjoyed their little antics for 24 hours…and then watched each one die!  We have no idea what we did wrong!  So we started over with four new goldfish.  So far, almost a week in, we’re down to two left.  The kids check the tank with trepidation each morning to see whose fish has made it through the night…it’s like Survivor around here!  But even with the trauma of losing several of the new friends, we’ve all enjoyed being pet owners again.  Here’s Jimmy reading the fish a story!

And the girls making sure everyone was okay in there:

Here are the original five fish names: Sunny, Ellie, Fishie, Big Jim Fisherton, and Frank Loyd.  May they rest in peace!

Here are the new four: Sunny Jr, Ellie Jr, Big Jim Jr, and Frank Loyd Jr!

We even got them a cool background and a few toys!

I’ll keep you updated with our headcount!

2 comments to The Family Fish

  • Alli

    Big Jim Fisherton is quite possibly the most epic fish name known to man!! Looks like they are having such a great time!

  • Linda Cole

    Love Jimmy reading to the fish. Perhaps that’s the newest definition of ‘school of fish’ ?!

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