All Fall Down

Why go through the hassle of singing the whole “Ring Around the Rosie” song when you can just cut to the best part and fall down?



(Speaking of “falling down,” my daredevil Becky finally met her match today and fell headfirst off of a toy onto a concrete driveway from a distance of about two feet.  It scared me silly, especially when she momentarily passed out in my arms after crying for a moment.  But after a doctor’s visit and plenty of TLC, she was given a clean bill of health and she’s back to her normal, goofy self.  Sometimes I wish I could keep my children on padded, carpeted floors for the rest of their lives!)    

2 comments to All Fall Down

  • Janet

    I’m glad that Becky is ok!! I understand what you are saying about wanting to keep them on padded floor! I tease my husband about wrapping our kids up in bubble wrap all the time!

  • Well if your children lived in a padded room all the time, where would you get gray hair from? It sounds like Becky is taking after her daddy…thankfully you have one more to hold onto in hopes Susie will follow your not-so-sporty side! We can only hope!

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