Memory Lane

I  don’t expect this post to be of interest to anyone other than immediate family, but since this blog serves as my only “baby book,” I figured I would document my recent trip down memory lane.  I was going through some old children’s toys and books (many of which I hadn’t unpacked since our last moved, whoops!), and these few items loomed large in my memories of my kids early years.  I know I’m already forgetting things about their childhood that I swore I would always remember, so I guess I’m feeling the need to write it all down while I can. 

This LeapFrog activity table was an awesome toy that entertained all four kids, occasionally all at the same time!

 photo IMG_7912.jpg

This was the book that Jim and I read or recited to the girls nearly EVERY NIGHT of their lives, and we now recite to the boys before bed.  It’s a simple little book, but it’s always ushered our kids into peaceful dreams.    photo IMG_7913.jpg  photo IMG_7914.jpg   photo IMG_7916.jpg  photo IMG_7917.jpg  photo IMG_7918.jpg  photo IMG_7919.jpg  photo IMG_7920.jpg  photo IMG_7921.jpg  photo IMG_7922.jpg  photo IMG_7923.jpg

This book, a collection of stories written and illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, was a lifesaver for me during many hours of church.  The girls would sit, enraptured by the beautiful pictures, and would give me a few moments of peace while I would listen to the prayers and preaching.  I’ve brought the book out for the boys, hoping it will have the same captivating effect on them! (So far, no luck!).

      photo IMG_7924.jpg  photo IMG_7925.jpg

And this book was the book responsible for turning Jimmy into a book lover.  It was a chunky Thomas the Tank Engine board book we checked out of the library, and never checked back in because Jimmy loved it to smithereens.  I don’t remember exactly how old he was when he finally started liking to look at books, but I think it was somewhere around 18-24 months old.  I was SO relieved and excited when he finally started paying attention to all those books I was reading to him! 

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  • Linda

    I still have some early books in my hope chest that were precious to you and your sister when you were young. Perhaps it’s just a Mom thing; but it brings me nostalgia and comfort, and the possibility of reading them to a future generation.

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