Jimmy is SIX

(This post is a month late – oops!)

Jimmy…Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.  You are six years old now…but in so many ways you seem years older than that.  Your avid interest in and amazing memory for history (especially military history), explorers, and nature make you a delightful conversationalist.  You are eager, thoughtful, and helpful.  You love being the one who can fix things in the house – I’m considering locking up the batteries because you are so quick to grab a screwdriver and replace the batteries in absolutely anything!  Even your siblings turn to you for help with their bicycles and broken toys.  You are an amazing bicycle and dirtbike rider.  I can’t even watch half the time because you’re trying stunts that seem much too old for you – but then you nail them and take off for the next challenge.  You are excelling academically (your teacher calls you a role model in every way), and I still can’t believe how well you’re reading.  Lately, you’ve been pulling out one of our storybook Bibles at mealtimes and reading a page or two out loud to us all.  This past year you’ve really calmed down and grown up.  Of course, every now and then your “puppy” antics emerge and you bump into things and people and generally wreak havoc on your immediate area…but those times are fewer and fewer, and I’ve had several people comment on how mature you’ve been lately.  You make this mama so happy and proud!  You are independent and fearless.  I cannot wait to see what this next year holds for you!

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