California with Baby T

Last month, Baby T and I boarded a plane and went to visit my parents and Gramma in California.  It was so hard to leave the other kids at home, but it was fun for the big kids to spend time with by my mother-in-law, and for Baby T to get all my attention for a few days!

Baby T did so well on the flight out!  While I’ve taken many flights with children, this was my first flight ever with only ONE child, and it was practically relaxing!  She even slept long enough for me to watch a movie!    photo 20170510_150419233_iOS.jpg

The next day, my mom and I went to see my Gramma.  Baby T loved playing with the same books and stuffed animals that my sister and I did in our childhood.  I’m so tickled that T gets to make memories at Gramma’s house too!

  photo 20170511_172718255_iOS.jpg photo 062c28e5-9e8a-4bf7-b2ff-f82c74683988.jpg

Even though Baby T would have been content just to toddle around my parents’ house looking for their cats…

 photo 20170513_142701515_iOS.jpg

…or toddle around their yard looking for lemons…

   photo 20170511_200853616_iOS.jpg  photo 20170511_201203934_iOS.jpg photo 81505f93-8b58-440d-a1f6-ca1dfbe998c4.jpg

…or toddle to the window to admire California’s golden hills…

  photo 20170512_152341020_iOS.jpg

…we also took her on several shopping trips downtown and made sure to introduce her to lots of new friends. 

   photo c3967c0c-f5b2-4f92-880b-fa18bb9f33d8.jpg

And of course, Grammie and Grandpa got the most cuddles of all!

 photo 4c81eceb-7b8a-4f4d-a285-c23e6a476199.jpg   photo 16e8fe12-d5fd-4dd7-882f-f5fab833aa3e.jpg

We were there right around Mother’s Day, so we got to celebrate it early with my family!

   photo 83090d6a-cc4b-482c-be24-a7024a0cd94c.jpg

It was such a special time for Baby T and I to get to spend so much quality time with my parents.  We both wish it could have been longer!

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