Jimmy: “I wish I had a magic stick that could do anything.”

Me: “What would you do?”

Jimmy: “I would make waffles every day, make new walkie talkies, and vanish people.” 

Me: “Who would you want to vanish?”

Jimmy: “Bad guys.  And Danny.”


Jimmy, pointing to a nearby water bottle: “Who bringed this?”

Susie, exasperated: “It’s not who bringed this, it’s who brang this!!”


Danny attempted (unsuccessfully) to rollerblade for about 15 minutes in the driveway.  When I was helping him get his rollerblades off, he said, "I don’t need help anymore.  I’m a professional now."


Danny: “Bad guys are really bad.  That’s why they’re named bad guys.” (Jimmy made identical quote years ago!)


Danny: “Tazie has a power that bad guys don’t like.  She has spit.”

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