Ocean City Pics 1

It’s that time of year again!  We had an awesome time in Ocean City at the end of June – it was a great way to kick off summer 2017! 

As soon as we got to Ocean City, the girls requested their first (of many) Kohr Brothers ice cream cones!

 photo 20170617_194622097_iOS.jpg

That night, we hit the rides, and Danny was amazed as ever that his big siblings were willing to scare themselves silly on adventurous rollercoasters:

 photo 20170617_225955879_iOS.jpg  photo 20170617_225959682_iOS.jpg

Danny decided to stick lower to the ground:

  photo 20170617_231107929_iOS.jpg

The girls were jubilant to finally be in their favorite place on earth (Uncle Jon was pretty happy to finally be on vacation too)!

  photo 20170617_231303407_iOS.jpg

Bright and early the next day, we hit the boardwalk on wheels.  It was so nice to have the big kids independently mobile.  Jim took the big kids on rides almost every day, up and down the boardwalk – often for donuts!

 photo 20170618_112813000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_112827000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_112834000_iOS.jpg

Later, we hit the beach and then relaxed on the patio deck:

  photo 20170618_210356464_iOS.jpg

Then it was time for go-karts!  Becky drove her own for the first time!

  photo 20170618_224239628_iOS.jpg

Followed up by more rides!

 photo 20170618_230445305_iOS.jpg

Jimmy tackled the infamous Double Shot for the first time and LOVED it!

   photo 20170618_235010000_iOS.jpg  photo 20170618_235036000_iOS.jpg

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