Five-Year-Old Danny

Danny, you’re not such a little boy anymore!  You’re five years old and a Kindergartener and it makes me sad and excited at the same time!  I’m sad that I don’t get to spend all day every day with you, playing board games (you especially love Uno and checkers and Master Mind), watching you ride bikes, and having you help with my baking projects…but I’m excited for you to meet new friends and learn to read.  You are such an amazing, sweet kid.  You still love to sit in my lap and cuddle, and you prefer home over anywhere else.  You love being with your siblings, especially little Tazie, the one you run to when you’re hurt and need a hug.  Your prowess on a dirt bike is jaw-dropping, and you’re now swimming in the pool without floaties and without fear (although we haven’t gotten you to do any water sports behind the boat yet – hopefully next summer!).  You love to sit quietly and zoom cars around or fiddle with Legos, and don’t mind playing by yourself as long as there’s someone nearby.  Your speech has improved remarkably over the last year, thanks to your hard work at speech therapy, although I’m a bit sad to have lost your adorable baby “accent.”  After a rough first few days at school, you now get on the bus without blinking, and come home after a full day still energized and excited about showing me all your school papers.  I’m so proud of what a big kid you’re becoming, Danny.  I love you!!


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